GAM730 Week 04:01 Positive Male Feminist role research

I have been reflecting on the reflection of my reflection 😀

In focusing on the language of feminism, particularly popularist feminism, there is a culture of negative words such as agression, dominance and the like. The use of these words could alienate men who are actually pro equal rights for women. They may have no real role models or know how to express their position on gender equality. They may even fear judgement by other men and worry that they wont fit in. 
This reminds me of something I watched recently which talked about female football. 
It is very cool when people notice things like this. Its the assumptions that have to be challenged in a way doesn’t isolate the very people women would like as allies.
Is sad but a true that women are disadvantaged from birth by being born female and history bares out that an overwhelming number of women experience real discrimination on a daily basis. FACT (did you switch off there? ) 
Try to tell a goldfish that there is no water outside the bowl and you begin to see the problem. Gender discrimination is invisible.

My son recently expressed a similar concern and so I recognise I’d like him to have positive male role models (luckily we have lot in our family due to working professions with a high number of female workers and a keen awareness of equality and diversity). 

I’m going to do some more research as I am very interested in the imbalance between genders in the videogame industry.

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