GAM730 Week 03:08 Vision Meeting

Vision Meeting Notes

19/06/2019 8pm.

We began the meeting by first talking about the tech that we prefer to use and the devices we had access to. Issues were raised regarding Adob XD test devices but Mike advised export can be to android and ios.

Technical Specification

  • Unreal C++ for Development 
  • Gitkracken Glo Board for project management 
  • One Drive for file creative sharing 
  • Discord for daily scrum at 9.00pm 10 mins max 
  1. Unreal Basics Tutorial (Skills Track)  

One Drive


Job Roles 
David – Scrum Master and support coder
Sarra – Creative & Marketing with some Academic Research and user testing.
Mike – Main Coder and technical research
Zabit – Market and Academic Research – Potentially contracts as well.

New App name
This will require a new logo but could offer plenty of in game and marketing special effects options.

Game Play 

  1. Player registers their Ghost Agent Name
  2. Their device will vibrate and the Ghost logo appears and fades out. 
  3. They will hear a voice from their ‘Handler’ through their earpiece. 
  4. They will receive a map of their location and their target site nearby. 
  5. They will be given their mission through the earpiece.
  6. They will walk to their target location. 
  7. Their device will vibrate when they are at the location
  8. They might receive a code to help them in their mission. 
  9. They will complete their mission (i.e disable a CCTV camera) 
  10. A stop watch will flash up on screen – The ghost agent must complete their mission in time. 
  11. If they are successful they they will go up the ranks. 
  12. If they are unsuccessful they will be tracked and must flee the site within 5 seconds
  13. The objective is to operate undetected against a criminal overlord/gang.        

This will form the basis of the XD Prototype. 

Daily Scrum 9.00pm on Discord.
Weekly Round Up 7.30pm on Monday.

Weekly Tasks 
David – Project systems set up and dual code/tech research with Mike – Update C++ skills
Sarra – Adobe XD Prototype on Sunday to export as a Video to Youtube or similar.
Mike – Explore and experiment with C++ = To break down game mechanics as a simple list/diagram
Zabit – Thorough research into AR type games both market research and bonus points Academic research into AR.

Dave to a fabulous job as Scrum Master (Which was amazing considering me and Mike are quite strong characters (insert “a bit gobby”) 

Zabid will make an excellent contribution and will be valued for his through research ‘legal’ mind. 

Lots achieved this meeting !

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