GAM730 Week 03:03 Webinar and Slack 101

Prior to the webinar I posted my App Jam Document 02 In slack. I added images from Film Noir and Neo Noir. David mentioned Sin City which I’d been trying to remember all day! We added a kind of blood element as jokingly we know Mike likes a bit of gore.

In the webinar it was mentioned that i’d appointed myself team leader which is amusing as I’m very much a team player. I think it’s the finance manager/studio manager coming out. I explained that in a commercial setting I work in the waterfall model and in my experimental work I work iteratively as in a spiral model methodology. We discussed this and I acknowledge that due to the process of product testing, the product will need to be constantly moving through iterative loops.

I am used to delivering a high quality product to a deadline and so I will need to keep reminding myself that this is a sprint not a final finishing line.

I explained that I had posted my concept on slack in the hope everyone will do the same so that we could put everything on the table and concept from there. I didn’t pitch my concept in the webinar as I prefer to discuss a direction as a group.

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