GAM730 Week 03:02 Team tools and organisation

My initial thoughts on how we could organise the group to effectively and simply communicate with each other, manage our time, document our progress, and share information over the next 10 weeks.

  • Central Project Management Board

Tool – Trello Board
Purpose – To document all scrum meetings
(Allow Dom to access)

  • Central App Production Document 

Tool – Google doc or joint blog
Purpose – To document changes over the production period
(Allow Dom to access)

  • Central Meet Up Point 
Tool – Slack 
Purpose – Short Meet up to talk face to face 
  • Central Message point 
Tool – Slack 
Purpose – regular chit chat and link sharing (nice documentation of the process

  • File Sharing 

Purpose – share central files like unreal, maya models, video editing, prototypes etc *


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