GAM730 Week 03:01 Remote project management : The Distributed Scrum Approach

Dream Team Inc
David, Zabit, Sarra, Mike. 

Pitch Video Due Date: 18th July 2019

Product Submission Due Date: 22nd August 2019


  • Not likely to have Face to Face meetings:
  • All UK Based: No Time Zone issues 
  • Video conferencing:  High (non verbal clues) & low (things said and written) 
  • Meetings mutually agreed: Time and Date
  • Clarity: Verbal (no ambiguity) – Check language (avoid misunderstanding)
  • Question everything: 
  • Embrace failure:  
  • Equal time to participate: Include everyone – A gatekeeper will help involve everyone.  
  • Use free tools: 
  • Check sound quality:  
  • Each speaker should identify themselves when they speak
  • Fill in profile with photo and basic info
  • Meetings should be around 30 minutes (45 with intro & prep)
  • Everyone should take ownership over the decisions. 
  • The team should have full access to all resources : The product backlog, user stories, spring backlog, tasks and estimates (only one person should be able to edit these documents)


  1. Discuss & Clarify acceptance conditions for high-priority user stories. 
  2. Provide a relative estimate of the size of the user stories to help the product owner identify their priorities and the backlog. 
  3. Break down high priority user stories into smaller ones that will fit into a sprint. 

SPRINT MEETING 01 (scrum master & Team)

  1. How much work can be done in the sprint. 
  2. Bring forward user stories off the backlog. 

SPRINT MEETING 02 (scrum master & Team)
  1. How will the work be done ? 
  2. Break the user stories into tasks. 
(Could be a single trello board – each team member has a card which details the following questions and documents the scrum – This is the bare minimum) 
  1. What did I do yesterday
  2. What am I going to do today? 
  3. Do I have any blockers?   
Documentation (As Above)
Liaison Approach (scrum master speaks with all members and informs each person in the team)  
Alternating Meeting Times (Mutually agree times) 
Share the Pain 
What times are best ?
What times are you willing to meet ?
What Times are off limits ? 
Slack can help with documenting the meetings
  1. Demo product.  
  2. All Team Attend and stakeholders. 
  3. Film Demos and presentations which show what work has been done.
  4. Make sure network is good quality. 
  5. Post mortem is about identifying improvements not blame. 
  6. All can be honest and open – Trust.    
  7. SMART goals. 
  8. We could try to get anonymous feedback by sending everyone a questionnaire via Survey Monkey. 



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