GAM730 Week 02:07 Narrative sketch & Prototype Development

You are a freedom fighter, part of a global resistance movement whose goal it is to free the people of the world from an Oppressive state. The world is ruled by an evil overlord and his cronies whose job it is to stop the resistance at all costs. 
Your covert mission is to move around your location disabling cctv cameras if filming for negative reasons and fixing cameras which look like they could be helpful. Sometimes it will take more than just you to carry out the task. 
Game Play 
Player enters a location and is detected by GPS  
when within range of the cctv camera, they feel their phone vibrate
The phone will picture an icon for the resistance followed by an instruction.  
The phone will then reveal a map and a flashing object. 
the player scans the room for the AR Camera
Once located, the player must examine the camera to see if working or not. 
They must try to ascertain if it is gathering information for negative or positive applications. 
If working the player can view the footage to ascertain what information is being collected. 
If not working they can choose to fix it or leave it broken. 
Sometimes this will require a team effort of a number of players working together. 
The objective is to disable negative surveillance or boost positive surveillance. 
If successful receive liquid data which when added to an invisible map, reveals a few more cameras in the area.
The player can then move to the next location. 
The app can be played all over the world with each cctv camera set up responding in a specific way which represents its location I.e U.K. market town, city centre in China, rural location in India, L.A. USA, North Korea, Russia etc. 
The player fixing/disabling the most cameras moves up the ranks. 
The state may fix or add new cameras at any time.
The state can in prison any member of the resistance if caught in the act. 
The member caught is forced to be inactive for a period of time. 
Map reveal mechanic 
All watched over by machines of loving grace binary code 
Black ink liquid dropped on to map close up animation
Who’s watching you 
The matrix code 
French resistance song 
have identified a number of GPS tracking adventure puzzle/treasure hunt games which are similar to the key elements of the app concept.

I have downloaded and played a number of treasure Hunt games which have helped to develop the UI  design.

The cluesivity range of games seems to offer a similar game mechanic with operation mindfall being the closest. This is an AR Secret Agent multiplayer game experience.

This company offers team experiences and so the app works with a set of artefacts given to the participants and located within the physical game environment.

I have been unable to download or play the app but I do like the visual design (even though it’s a little  predictable).

I am currently working with Adobe XD and mocking up some images. This is taking a little longer than anticipated.

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