GAM730 Week 02:04 Remote App Jam – Distributed Collaboration

Protoyping and Distribution methods

How can we set up a fast iterative production work flow?

Fast Feedback & Iteration ???

Adobe XD – Prototype Sharing (recommended by Stephen)

Thinking about globalisation of a fictional ‘police’ or resistance group I raised some concerns about
how a CCTV camera in a small market town in the UK is framed differently to a CCTV camera in Iran or China as they could at worse carry a connotation of either inciting civil unrest or protecting the older population. 

My mind has turned to political ideals through the research I have done into policing, power, control and protection.

I recognise the ethics of my developing app concept.

It may be possible to engage with similar concepts but within a fictional world which is a step away from reality but engages with these topics.

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