GAM730 Week 02:01 Diversifiers

  • Happy Anniversary!

Your app should incorporate one of GAM730 2018’s themes – either COMBINE, GHOST or EXPLORATIVE – in addition to this year’s three themes.

Combine ink with a water on a secret map to reveal hidden information. This could equally be blood in the case of murder detection. The blood could be acquired by exploring a VR/AR world in which murders have taken place. When the player completes their task they receive blood which can then to add to the invisible map and reveal the next location. 
This is a little black (even for me) but the map reveal concept could be used in different narratives. So for example the liquid could be ink for any physical map illustration, radioactive slime, oil (rainbow effect), poison (coloured), orange squash, paint etc. 

Other than a map, this process could reveal text. 
I love the images this conjures up as they could be quite beautiful.
    • Public information

    Use offline or live data from a public API in your app.

    What kind of public information is there it there? 

    Google maps 
    Train timetables 

    This again brings  me back to the abuse of information and the essential regulations to protect an individuals privacy. 

    • LEGO Got It Right

    There are no spoken or written words in this app. This is even true in the instructions.

      • Wrist Watcher

      The app is designed to run on a smart-watch, or uses wearable technology in some way.

        • Rumbled

        Use haptics (vibration/rumble) to make your app more accessible to people who have some difficulty seeing or hearing

          • Where in the world is…

          App content changes depending on the user’s geographical location (GPS, IP location, etc). The user experience is therefore significantly different for people all around the globe.

          Beginning with ‘disabling an augmented CCTV camera’ I think about the U.K. and how this work work compared to the Middle East. 

          The notion of order/disorder, control/freedom, protection/coercion is complicated depending upon the context. 

          This led me to thinking about the Arab spring and how Facebook assisted in the mass mobilisation of dissonant groups. 

          I watched a CNN report on the potential for a second Arab Spring here. 

            • Random wiki 
            Honestly.. first try with the special random.. 
            This is just perfect ( a bit grim) but perfect non the less. 

            This diversifier led me to a concept which places the player within real Murder crimes on the streets of London in the modern day but this could also be also be historical murderers, using the narrative of Jack the Ripper or used as the basis of a fictional killer based in a fictional world or some in the future point in history.

            I really like the idea of disabling an augmented CCTV camera while trying to avoid detection by others in the field.
            I love this technique of using random wikipedia pages to generate concepts and I could use this for illustration and animation projects!

             (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.In thinking about last years App Jam, I have produced another mind map.This has directing me towards an idea in which the player has an invisible map which is drawn in water and which can only be revealed by adding ink to i

            (New Reflection) 
            Continuing this concept, I began to think about the positive aspects of technology. I began to think about how information might help inform the player rather than informs on a players. 
            The images of binary code swimming around in invisible liquid (as if ink) to reveal
            critical information to the player. 

            This was in response to the notion of ‘big brothers watching you’ and it’s counter ‘all watched over my machines of loving grace. 
            This led me to thinking about a counter to 1984 which is a strong concept which influences people’s attitude to new technology. 
            What if we were to produce an app which would be counter to 1984 based on this poem ?

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