GAM730 week 01:02 Images from the recesses of a mind

App Jam 2 




Police… To police and control… To get a crowd to withdraw (break their spirit)…
To make it difficult for the crowd to riot, impose obedience and take control (game mechanic). 


Police… as representative of state Power and Control… to make it difficult for power to control and force crowd to withdrawal or alternatively the crowd could withdraw support in order that they could take control.

I am interested in Non violent mechanisms of control for the purpose of subversion. 

Starting with police, policing and the abuse of power…
Middle East Conflict 
Cybernetics – Police crowd control 


Gaia Hypothesis,  self – regulation, Feedback and 
mechanisms of systems control. 

 Non-violent resistance 

President Trump

Misogyny and the abuse of power.   

Weinstein article – new Yorker 

#Metoo Movement  


 Hysterical Women.. and other persistent concepts.. 

On patriarchy 

Mother right 


These figurines have been found all over the world and date from Neolithic times. Could this be a dibber ? Used for planting seed in the process of  cultivation? … white daisies game concept…   

Matriarchy Ancient Civilisation 

The Power 

The non-jerk feminist 

we are not jerks!   

What is a positive Gender role for young men in 4th wave feminism? 
(where the abuse of power is no longer internalised but called out) 

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