GAM720 Week 9:03 Audio Logo

I have been thinking about an animated logo for for a while now and watching the examples given this week, such as the various Nintendo logos, prompted me to think about it again.

This is my logo

As you might be able to recognise, within this logo is a needle but also, if you look closely at the
abstract white space you might be able to recognise a fish and a horn.

So maybe I could animate this logo with a sewing machine sound, water splashes and horn…

The activity this week asks that we animate an audiologo using sonic Pi, that communicates the following:

  • Success
  • Failure
  • Requires attention
  • Change that is irretrievable
  • General message
  • App opening 
  • App closing 

Sonic branding notes:

THX – wake up all
Apple waking up
Schimorphism – trash can empty
Windows open/shutdown
AOL dialup sound – conversation between modems
Marimba – ring tone default – range of the human voice

Nokia ringtone

Using Sonic Pi in Unity (Ruby)

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