GAM720 Week 9:02 Audio Case Study

Sound design in Luminocity by State of Play Games

Button tap feedback – glockenspiel sound

Ambient sound – crackly record player looped sound

Dialogue – no spoken narrative as speech bubbles and the sound of a popping bubble are used instead.

Foley sounds
Crackling electric lights
Lock unlocking
Metal gate opening
Footsteps on ladder climbing and pathway
Papery sound effects

Ambient music – smooth and gentle

Music by Ed Critchley
Sound by Alisair Lindsay

The analogue foley sound effects really add to the ‘material realism’ and the handmade appeal of the app. I have been thinking a lot about how I can introduce sound in my app especially dialogue and how I might approach voice recording. I think I will use a kind of nonsens speech for the fairground worker and use subtitles/speech bubbles instead.

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