GAM720 week 7:03 Sound Design

I am thinking about how, where and when I might be able to add sound effects both on screen and off screen (ambient) sound which could add to the game play experience.

As a paper horror fairground app there are a lot of options! 
This is the list so far which indcludes how I might be able to use the techniques of the folly artist to capture them. 
  • Wheel of fortune flapper sound – Paper card in the spokes of a bicycle wheel.
  • Walking on a paper ground – Stamping on a beanbag or through dry leaves. 
  • Twisted Fairground ambient music – Reversed Musical Box Sound 
  • Dizzying/Sickening effect when wheel of fortune spins -left/right shift and very low pitch
  • Swishing branches – woods recording 
  • Wind whistling – 5am hilltop recording 
  • Entrance opening – sound like a head being chopped off – maybe a reverse sound. 

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