GAM720 Week 6:08 Narrative and Interactive Renpy development

I wanted to experiment with the Wheels set and characters so that I can develop an interactive story using Renpy.

This was a time efficient way of working on Wheels while playing with interactive narrative development. This could be further developed as an additional ‘add on’ app to add which will add value to the Wheels app.

Wheels Intro Narrative 

Just over the hill, in a deep dark wood, shines a multitude of glowing lights illuminating the way to a tiny travelling fair.
Excitement is in the air, but as you stroll closer, the trees appear to bend toward you, like grasping hands they sway and swipe. The space around you  becomes so thick you begin to choke. Through the thick fog, sinister yet strangely enticing music hangs in the air.
You arrive at an entrance. It’s too late to turn back and even if you wanted to, you are magnetised by the vision unfolding around you.
You begin to wander in an almost hypnotic state. As you look at the strange cards surrounding the entrance, you are suddenly startled.
A voice echoes from behind you with a sound that makes the blood run cold in your veins, it booms, “ENTER iF YOU DARE”!
Do you dare ?

There are many ways to produce interactive stories but Renpye seems to be used for high end publications. The concept is to give the reader control of the narrative. The structure is not so much linear as branching, with divergent pathways rejoining at a later point in the story.

I need to read further into writing for interaction and so I will be coming back to this post after submitting the Wheels App Proposal.

I have downloaded the Renpy app and I watched the tutorial videos. I have made notes and sketches which I will add here shortly.

I am excited by the prospect of writing for interaction as I used to enjoy reading the Jackson Fantasy Fighting novels.  I am also interested in developing a Google Spotlight story for submission to Annecy in the future. This was my intention for the final project and so will be the focus of my research going forward. 

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