GAM720 Week 6:01 Character Design Notes

Example: Pixar  – Inside Out (Creativebloq)

Simple shapes to represent emotions 
Joy – starting from the heart and radiating large 
Sadness – heavier at the bottom 
Example : Roman Dlapa (tutorial) 
Wheels (App Character Design) 
Back Story

Wheels was born in the 1920’s in a dark wood, deep within a temperate valley. She enjoyed her own company and would often go off into the woods to construct small models out of bracken and leaves,  on which she would train a troupe of insects to perform wonderful tricks, to entertain her. She loved to create puzzles and test the skills of the insects. This was later to grow into a travelling spectacle, a circus freak show designed to entice, entertain and mystify all who dared to enter. She dreamt of growing her troupe and expanding her circus, to be known around the world. She dreams of one day settling down to grow exotic plants and keep rare butterfly’s so that she could conduct her own telepathic experiments. 

Personality : 
  • Hero 
  • Facade 
  • Actor
  • Cunning 
  • strict
  • Suductive
  • Elegant
  • Powerful 
  • Female 
  • Dark humour
  • Mysterious 
  • Adventurous 
  • Challenging 
  • Colour scheme – classic black/white/dark red/purple/gold 
  • Character readability with a Strong outline – tall and elegant 
  • Movement considerations 
Design Process: 
Binary shape 
Black silhouette 
Detail in black and grey 
Detailed poses 
Add colour scheme 3 – 5 / 5 – 9 if more exposure/recognisable silhouette 
Colour workups 
Illustration with environment with some story 
  • Look up other artists (but do not copy) 
  • Exaggerate ideas 
  • Use reference photography 
  • Use anatomy 
  • Design first then add details 
  • Ask for feedback 
  • Don’t over complicate 
Movement limitations 
Screen size/space and readability 
Basic shapes triangle/circle/square 
Proportions head/body (8.5 heads) 

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