GAM720 Week 4:02 Colour Theory

Introduction Notes

In thinking about the use of colour in the app design it is useful to consider the following: 

  • Think about the world as if it is not coloured – ROLF G. KUEHNI
  • We detect shape, then colour then content 
  • Colour is not universal 
  • colour is cultural rather than psychological/aesthetic- Umberto Eco. 
  • Apple have a useful colour guide 
  • Google have a useful colour guide 
  • Use the same colour as the logo in the design 
  • Use more complimentary colours 
  • Limit the colour palette 
  • Use the same key colour for interaction 
  • Use a different colour for non interaction 


  • The visible spectrum 400 -700 nanometres 
  • CMYK  Subtractive 
  • RGB – Additive 
  • International Klein Blue – Kaysin – Language and Cultural Description
  • Hue – Saturation – Brightness (vale) – Munsell Colour System
  • Artists colour wheeel (Subtractive) 
  • VR – colour illussions 
  • Josef Albers- Interaction of Colour (App)
  • Thinking in situations… Apply palette to the app. 
  • Weighting and colour relationships Dominant, Subordinate, Accent.   

While watching the video I am thinking about colour harmonies most often found in nature. When  filming animation in natural environments there is an excess of green in the background. Filming in uncontrolled environments also means that light fluctuates due to changing weather conditions. 

The complimentary colour of Green is Red, however I most often use white against dark green/almost black backgrounds or sky blue which accent colour of magenta in the cotton thread that I use.   

For the wheels app, I have been looking at Horror film colour palettes. Black and red are used as the primary colour palette with white accents. In this project I would add to this Dark Green and Yellow/White so that I could present a twisted fairground image. I am going to experiment with these colours to find ones that pop whilst giving an overall sinister feel to the image.  

It could be useful to look at Albers colour theory in relation to this palette to discover if there are any colour illusions I could play with in the app. 

I will also download Apple and Google colour guides so that I can optimise the usability of my app. 


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