GAM720 Week 4:01 Wheels App Research

Starting with the poem ‘Wheels’, written by Nancy Cunard, the imagery was extended to an imaginary strange and sinister fairground ‘freak show’ kind of world.  

The original concept was originally to be developed as a paper stop motion project, which would be constructed in paper and filmed in the natural environment in the Welland Valley. 

Wheels is part of the Fizhog world (which has a lighthearted and humourous tone) however in this part of the world it takes a more sinister tone. It is not so dark as to be an 18 rating because the target audience is 14 to 40 (ish). The tone is fun yet twisted with some sudden jumps and mild horror.   

It is imagined that the fair is situated in the grounds of Neville Holt, just before the peak of the hill, by a lake, deep in the cold, dark forest.   

Poem imagery – brain storm


 ◦ Thumbnails 

Project Management

 Game Play 

The player begins at the entrance to a sinister and foreboding fairground. They are met by  the fairground boss who is giving out tickets. The player is granted entry to the Fairground arena which is walled by images of strange oracle cards, at the centre is a large tent. This is surrounded by a number of smaller tents containing fairground games except for one. This particular tent is situated at the entrance to the larger tent, guarded by a mystic fortuneteller.  
The object of the game is to play the games in the small tents run by sinister fairground workers who are ruled by the fairground boss.  The player needs to play the game to gain enough silver coins to feed the fortuneteller at the entrance of the large tent so that they can be rewarded with their own mystic fortune and gain access to the large tent, which is the entrance to the next level of the game. 
The Player explores the fairground until they decide to play a game in one of the small tents. Before playing each short game, the player is asked to spin the wheel of fortune. As they do so, this cuts to a short film which shows a plan view of the fairground spinning and eventually stopping on a card. Depending on the card, this will either strengthen or weaken the players skills in the game they have chosen to play. 

Once the player has collected 10 coins they can play the mystic fortune teller. At this stage in development the player could spin the wheel again, three times which will trigger three short films that represent the players fictional past, present and future.

However, the concept could be developed to include a physical pack of cards. If this was the case then it would be important to consider how these would work more extensively in the game. The cards could potentially trigger a short film, an AR animation, provide secret information, create sounds or present access codes…




Market Research

Broad Sweep of the Market : Steam etc.  

iOS App Search 


Paper Cut Mansion (iOS) Mobile App

Circus Game Apps (ios)

Scary Circus App (ios(

Haunted Circus 3D (Android)

For One Night Only

Forest Circus

Until Dawn : Rush Of Blood

Sinister Fairground Interactive Story (ios)

Mood Board

The dark gothic twist to the aesthetics stands apart from the style developed in the experimental practice. This work explored the notion of interaction and mental modelling in the triangulation between humans, nature and computation and drew more from Len Lye than The Brothers Quay and Jan Svankmajer. By this, it is meant that the work explores narrative much more centrally than in the experimental work.  



The challenge is to converge a hand drawn illustrative aesthetic (developed in Fizhog) with  physically constructed model making designed in the stop motion studio, located in a natural environment, produced using Maya/Unity and C# interaction. 



Paper sculpture

Paper screen projection

Sewn paper – construction and Motion 

Written paper 

Coloured paper 

Patterned paper 

Inked paper 


Cut out

Low poly animation 



Collecting samples together for the storyboard has been a good introduction to thinking about colour palettes.

History of the fairground/circus

Victorian parlour games 

Further Development

Interactive Story Research 

  1. Google Spotlight Stories 
  2. Ren’Py 
  3. Unity 
Set Design  ( American horror story ) – Paper Construction and CGI Prototypes 
Prop Design – Paper Construction and CGI Prototypes 
Character design – Hand Drawn  
Sound (Sinister/off beat) 
Music (Shostakovich) 
    Inch worm 2 and 2 

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