GAM720 Week 3:06 Interactive Story Writing

I am writing a short interactive story which is intended to serve as an additional interactive element in  my Live halloween event. I am experimenting with multi pathway narrative and discovering new tools and processes along the way.

So far, I have looked at Ren’Py. This is an interactive story telling platform which uses Python Code. Writing the code is really similar to writing an script and seems quite straightforward.

I have researched how to structure this kind of ‘tell your own story’ narrative and there are many resources available.

The story must be written in the second person, in the present tense and the premise is more important than the plot. Popular stories include, whodunnit’s and romances. I want mine to be an spooky adventure which adds depth to the wheels narrative.

My Interactive Story will take the traveller on a journey through sinister woods, lakes and marsh land which lead to the entrance to the fairground.

The Village
The Copse
The Marsh
The graveyard
The Mandrake field
The Gamekeepers cottage

Flesh Eating Plants
Zombie Cat
Hallucinogenic Fog
Whispering Mushrooms
Evil Dog
Lava Marsh
Poisonous Bogweed
Singing toads

Characters (with Dialogue)
Professor Witch
Vegetarian Vampire
Bell Ringer
Half Ghost

I want all roads to lead the fairground entrance but, depending on the travellers choices, how they arrive there and whether they can enter the fairground arena will depend on their choices.

I will need to map out a plan of the story. There are tools available that can help to do this such as
Inklewriter – This was referenced by Gamasutra . However, for now I’m just going to map the story on paper and see where this goes.

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