GAM720 week 2:06 – Webinar feedback

🔲  Narrative – Wheels poem as inspiration for the overall narrative

🔲  Production Method – Unity (C#)

🔲  Aesthetics Development – American Horror Story/Cirque De Soleil/midsummer nights dream/paper animation & games/ oracle cards.

🔲 Game artefacts – Illustrated Cards used as Set and as a physical control mechanism. using the cards for only one game within the larger game would not make for a good user experience however using the cards for other games may do. So maybe using the cards to provide codes to unlock something in the game or trigger an A/R animation, a cut scene or an increased skill could add more value.

🔲  Game Mechanics – basic game – carnival/fairground games – match 3 Unity Tutorials. It could be that the player will need to collect a certain number of silver coins to feed the fortune teller machine.

🔲  Scope – What is necessarily required to produce a MPV ? I will need a set, large tent, small tent, one small game, a fortune teller game, 3 short film extracts and a sample pack of cards.

🔲  Stats and abilities ?

🔲  Read the Interactive Storytelling text and blog on research blog.

🔲  Build satisfaction by making the door more difficult to open (but not impossible).

🔲  Check demographics

🔲  Conduct further market research

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