GAM720 Week 12:04 Maya Poly Modelling Experiments

Unity offers limited primitives in the package and prefabs can be bought relatively cheaply, however if a specific aesthetic design or functionality is required in a project, being able to model efficiently and effectively in Maya is essential.

I am 3Ds Max trained but this has always mainly covered Box modelling for environments and props.  I had to go through several tutorial videos so that I could navigate Maya (and get a 3 button mouse :D) 
Poly Modelling Navigation 
Q – Select 
W – Move 
E – Rotate 
R – Scale 
A – Centre 
F – Close up
Box Modelling (FalmouthTutorial) 
Vertices Modelling 

Face Modelling 
Low Poly Models 
Material Maps (export to PNG) 
Material Mapping 
Ink on Watercolour Paper 
Photoshop PNG Editing

Mapping/Lighting Backface Glitch. 
Final Box 



Maya And Unity play nicely together. The user interface for Unity is pretty easy to navigate but Maya is more challenging. The software is a powerful image, animation and game production tool.

As one of my SMART Goals I intend to work on my portfolio and improve this skill. I did meet some difficulty exporting the model to Unity but I think this has more to do with my faithful old Mac, struggling a little so I need to invest in some hardware.

The ink model was a test to see how the ink aesthetic could look in Unity as I am think9ng about the papery-inky world in which my Fizhogg characters live.

For the Wheels app, I am aiming for a simple clean 1920’s graphic design with the use of papery materials. I do need to model several tents and may use the low poly aesthetic for this 

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