GAM720 Week 11:09 Gravity Glitch

After tracking down and gaining insight into how to create a 1st person controller I’ve detected a glitch with the environment/object set up in my project.

As I applied a rigid body collider to a capsule object with gravity turned on, It became clear that the gravity wasn’t working correctly or the environment was orientated incorrectly.

I checked all the object settings, the project gravity settings and changed the variables on the x,y and z axis on both objects and the project… but nothing seemed to make any difference. The capsule continued to fly off into space.

I downloaded a simple environment and capsule in which the gravity worked and compared the settings in my project and the other environment. All the settings were identical.

With this issue unresolved I have been unable to proceed with the project interaction such as doors opening and other interactions. It is essential at this time to create a navigatable game.I have have videoed and screen shot the issue so that I can share it to try to find a solution.

Everything needs to be completed by Wednesday.

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