GAM720 week 11:07 Setting the Scene

To set up the environment I needed to import all the artwork I had produced, into unity. I had exported them at png Files with some transparency so that all I needed to do was to map the material to white boxes.

It took a little research to discover that this can be done in a number of ways, 1) by modelling entirely in Maya using AV maps, 2) by exporting the image as a PNG then dragging the image into the materials file in Unity and then dragging the material onto the object. This will show the object material and doesn’t reveal the transparent sections until the material is set as a cutout, 3) use a TGA file and export with an alpha channel (This is not the best way to get a transparent effect).

I have added an in-game TV screen which will Film the spinning of the fairground arena and will reveal the oracle card (special skill card) when the wheel stop. I followed these instructions to do this.

I’d like to add a Payne’s grey acrylic ink wash as a scene background. These instructions seem simple enough to follow.

I also want to map each card in the fairground arena with its own oracle card image. When I drag to the cube the image is mapped on all sides of the cube. This is not ideal. I can transparent the png by using the cutout setting but the image is still depicted on all sides of the cube. The only way around this issue is to use planes rather than cubes for the cards. I have decided to keep the cubes and replace them with planes later as I think this would be the most cost effective approach at this stage in the development.

I have also decided to test this modelling process on the game stall model. This is currently a cube mapped with the stripped material. I am going to replace the sides and roof of the stall with planes. I have created the png images already and will map these with transparency. I will then group the planes together.

I need to rig the fairground worker but have decided to import an un-rigged cutout image as a placeholder. The animation for this character is not essential at this time.

I have researched how to create an in app TV screen so that I can show the player the arena spinning. When the arena stops it will reveal the oracle card. I have achieved this by first creating a plane and locating it in the top view of the arena. I then placed a camera which looks in the direction of the arena entrance and frames the oracle cards.

I need to set up the environment to spin like a wheel of fortune. I know that this will be difficult to do and that I might just set up a simple png file as a substitute above the arena. I am unsure how this will work but I have found some basic instructions which explain how to make a wheel of fortune.

I need to link the stop buttons to the spinning wheel so that it slows down when pressed. I need to animate the stop buttons so that they can be chased around the environment. I will do this by popping them up and down.. a little like the whack-a-mole game.

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