GAM720 Week 11:06 The Big push

Concept Mock Ups

Ringmaster Interaction
The Ringmaster will explain the game objective to the player  
Fairground Arena Exploration
The player can explore the arena and enter the small game tents in any order. 

Fairground Stall Game : Knock Em Out
The Player meets the fairground worker and is invited to spin the wheel to gain a special skill. 
Wheel of Fortune
The player is presented with a plan view of the fairground arena/wheel of fortune. 
Stop the Wheel
The player must catch a button to stop the wheel. 
 The ‘Press’ buttons, together with oscillating sounds from left to right, 
are designed to try to disorientate the player
Once the button is pressed the wheel will slow down. 
Special Skill
The card will represent the players special skill and will affect the game play in the fairground game. 

Knock Em Out Game

The Player can then play the stall game to gain silver coins
Fortune Teller
The Player receives their very own fortune reading…   

Short Cut Films are Played


I have 2 days in which to map the artwork to the unity models, rig a character, add a player camera, add a top view camera and projection plane and add a arena wall camera and add sound effects.This is a substantial amount of work but what I am aiming for is a MVP which demonstrates the project concept and development in this phase. 

I need to complete a process video which I expect will take 1 day to pull together and I have pulled down the reflective project blog so that I can write my report. I have two days in which to complete this aspect of the project. 

I intend to complete as much as I can on the app in 2 days and leave myself a day to package the project on Github. I understand that this aspect of the project will take some time to do.

I will now go to the Trello project board and set the deadlines for the completion of the work. 


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