GAM720 Week 11:04 2.5D Character Animation and Rigging

Firstly, to ease into the process I am going to model a 2D cut out set object and place it into Unity using the mapping tutorial (as Below)

I am then going to rig a character,  for which I have designed cut-out effect material maps and then export that to Unity.

✔️ Edit PNG’s to square dimensions as this will be the standard format for Maya.
✔️ Create a flat square plane
✔️ Import PNG to Plane
✔️ Cut up plane into puppet components.
✔️ Tidy components to fit planes tightly
✔️ Start Rigging (if Modelling a puppet)


Falmouth Rigging and Animation Tutorial

Maya 2.5D puppet modelling by NickZuck (YouTube)



Edit PNG’s to square material map dimensions (One for each Character)

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