GAM720 Week 11:02 MPV Plan

I approached this project in the spirit of experimentation however, Week 10 saw the commencement of the final sprint and so, rather than suffer from the 90% Done syndrome, I am pushing towards a MVP which can be delivered at the end of this sprint.

Given that many aspects of videogame making comprise of specialists honing their skills over many years, I am realistic in what can be achieved. 
With this in mind, I am editing the Trello project board with the following deliverables. This MPV should deliver a proof on concept that touches on the various disciplines I have engaged with during the last 11 weeks of this module. 
These are the deliverables:
✔️ Live Event Concept Images (JPG’s) 
✔️ Wheels Game Concept Development Portfolio (JPG’s & PNG’s) 
✔️ Wheels Game Assets – Puppet Illustration Maps, Set Illustration Maps (PNG’s) 
✔️ Fairground Entrance Scene (Unity Prototype) 
✔️ Fairground Doorway Interaction (Unity Prototype) 
✔️ Fairground Tent 2D Illustrated Model (Unity Prototype) 
✔️ Fairground Worker 2D Illustrated rigged and animated puppet (Maya file) 
✔️ In-game IPad model with link to top down camera view 
✔️ Wheel of Fortune spin interaction
✔️ Wheel spin sound
✔️ Demo Video – Presents the full concept. 
I have broken down the essential components of this MPV and allocated time in the Trello Board. 
The majority of the tasks need to be achieved by 10th April which means working solidly for the next 3 days. 

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