GAM720 Week 11:01 Maya Character Rigging and Animation

This week we were shown how to use Maya to create animation and characters in Maya so that these can be exported into Unity. The demos were 3D animated character rigs.

I have been thinking about how to develop an aesthetic that links my Fizhogg world apps. I am reflecting on the advice given in the webinar to create 2D illustrative characters and I have constructed a physical paper Brad puppet. I have also watched a demo for the RPG game Sorcery and feel confident that this is the best solution to my aesthetic problem.

Although I have watched the Rigging videos that work with 3D objects, I have conducted a wider search on Unity and Maya to track down 2D puppet Rigging in Maya. Instead of using polygon 3D objects it is possible to construct 2D Nurb surfaces. These can then be mapped with 2D illustrations and connected together using bones and boxes. This is effectively a 2.5D animation and rigging solution.

I am currently separating my illustrated drawings into puppet components so that I can map these to 2D nurb surfaces in Maya and animate them.

The following videos have been very useful.

Lynda Video Maya 2015 Essential Training Notes

NURBS Modelling Techniques

🔲 NURB Primitives
🔲 NURB Curve Tools – CV Curve, EP Curve, Bezier Curve (Use Top/Side View)
🔲 NURB Revolve – snap to grid, create CV Curve, Snap to Curve, (Wine glass) y-axis – polygon/nurb output.
🔲 NURB Loft – C V Curve (top view u shape) duplicate Curve, surfaces loft.
🔲 NURB Extrude – profile and path (circle and path) shift select circle first then path, go to circle extrude. Attribute extrude – click fixed path. (Hoses and snakes)
🔲 NURB Planar –  Curve on a plane – surfaces planar (for cut out image map) – use to make tops for unusual tubes/boxes etc.
🔲 join and duplicate NURBS using history and isoparm
🔲 edit Curve – close curves

🔲 game Engine
🔲 Deploy to multiplayforms – iPad Pro project
🔲 Not designed to create content use Maya, 3D Max and Blender.
🔲 Brings in game Assets and will allow for game mechanics to create a game/film/animation

Unity 2.5D Animation (great multi camera plug in)

Paper Cut out Game Example

Paper Mario Colour Splash


Paper Animation Examples

Cutout Animation references

Lynda : Creating a Handmade look in After Effects 2: Design and Animation  – Cutout Animation

No Fill, Line stroke width 5 – in Black –       will give a black outline

Cut Out Animators

Terry Gilliam

Lotte Reiniger Cut Out Animation (making of)

Yuri Norstein (all videos from the University of Chicago)

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