GAM720 Week 1:03 Wheels Brain Dump

Brain Dump

Ancient gaming 
When I watched the introduction to gaming I noticed an ancient game carved into a clay tablet that originated from Mesopotamia. I have a keen interest in the origins of civilisation and for me, it starts here. 
Multiple pathway storytelling
I was thinking about VR Animation and how the old fighting fantasy books constructed a story with multiple pathways. The line of narrative was determined by the roll of a dice which effectively makes it a story of chance. I thought about Bandersnatch and how this could be considered similar.  
Card Games 
I began to think about ancient games and story telling which strangely bought me to the ideas of  oracle cards. I have always been fascinated with them because not only are they an ancient form of  
Scrying, they contain the archetypes embedded in story telling. For me, oracle cards are a book disguised as a card game.  
World Building
The poem Wheels is full of fantastical imagery and although I could have chosen something else such as a midsummers nights dream or Alice in wonderland, the poem carries less historical baggage and offers a clear focus for the project. ‘Wheels’ is essentially a simple focus on which I can develop my ideas. I also feel a connection with the poet as her family home is at the top of the hill where I live. Neville Holt has an opera house built in the grounds which is performing two wonderful operas this summer which are ‘A midsummer nights dream’ and Cosi Fan Tutti.  
Game Design 

What app can I create if I look at creative app development through the lens of gaming ?

Initial concept 01  

  • Mystical world – cirque De solei/Alice in wonderland/oracle 
  • Pack of 78 Illustrated oracle cards (proof of concept will not be so many!) 
  • Player shuffles a pack of physical cards 
  • Player chooses three cards. 
  • Player places three cards on a board marked past present future. 
  • Information is captured the NFC embedded in the cards
  • A story is told on screen in three brief animated sequences. 
How do I introduce a sense of greater excitement and wonder into the game play ? It’s a pretty
standard interaction so far and I’d like to take it further. 
  • Could I create a VR world? 
  • Could I create an A/R interaction ?
  • Is it possible to do both ? 
  • Is this really an engaging way of presenting a story? 
  • Is it doable in the scope of the project?
  • Am I really capturing the essence of the poem or am I just using the imagery as the starting point for an imaginary world?  
To find the answers it will be necessary to conduct research into the tech and experiment by playing many different types of games. 
So that’s what i’m Going to do this weekend.. play games! 

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