GAM720 – Week 1:01 An introduction to Game Design.

Game Design.
I have chosen the example of Luminocity, produced by state of play games studio, London. This award winning production has paper construction and engineering at the heart. It took three years to complete and is really very beautiful.

The objective of the game is to solve engineering problems so that the player can progress through the different platforms of the world in order to rescue Lumi’s kidnapped grandad (who is more than he seems).




So today, I’m immersing myself in gaming experiences to inform my Game language and release my  inner play demon… as prescribed by Doctor Dom 😀

I am inspired as I watch the introduction to Game Design and I am surprised that I recognise so many examples given in the video which I have long forgotten.

I am prompted to think about my gaming experiences and as I begin to think more critically about the games design of the games I’ve played I look at them through a new lens.

I have began to look at research resources and I discovered The Gaming Show, BBC. This gives insight into player experiences of new releases to the market and introduces some of the discourse around gaming which could be very interesting to check out.

Before I start my day long game-Athon I’m Briefly  going to locate the main academic research sources and tag them on my useful links. This will help later on.

I’m also really starting to think about my personal project. At the moment I’m trying to decide between three choices. I could go down the experimental arts track, or develop my Fizhogg world which is more mainstream or look at a project which is somewhere between the two, wheels (critters) project. This has reached the research stage as a short stop motion project but I always intended to develop it as an AR app.

In making my decision,  I am considering my smart goals, my swat analysis and my career objectives. I’m thinking that maybe I could design a project which could be expanded into an XR project should there be time in the process to do so but to initially I am going to lay the foundations of gamevdesign using the wheels poem as a starting point.

I am unsure whether to connect this project to my personal research portfolio or whether to connect it to my commercial portfolio. I am unsure where to journal the project but my initial feeling is that I should blog the project here unless I touch in avant grade/highly experimental or artistic concepts in which case I’ll switch it to my research blog.

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