GAM720 Week 05:01 White Box Model Set

Working through the Unity fundamentals videos I am finding that my basic 3Ds Max knowledge is kicking in.

Today I have constructed a white box model of the set so that I can begin to try out some interactive elements. The model includes the card wheel, a wheel flapper (if thats the right term), several small tents and a large Top Tent. The primitive box models are very limited in Unity and so these must be modelled in Maya.


Entrance and Arena
(Think Wheel of Fortune with the sound of a card jammed in the spokes of your bike)   


Flapper at the Entrance 

Next I am finishing the colour theory experiments and designing a working colour palette as I try out various different physical materials so that I can decide how I would like the overall project to look and feel.

I am adding the next steps to the project management boards (Trello). 

For the Visual look and feel of the game…

  1. Colour Theory completion 
  2. Colour Palette 
  3. Material Paper/Ink/CGI Aesthetic 
For the interactive elements of the game play
  1. Boss Ticket Booth Interaction  
  2. Wheel Interaction 
  3. Small Tent Interaction 
  4. Fortune Teller Interaction 

Short Cut Scenes

  1. Entering the Game 
  2. Wheel of Fortune Spin
  3. Past card 
  4. Present Card 
  5. Future Card   
  6. Exiting the level         

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