GAM710 Week 02:01 Narrative Design – Project Update.

My project is entitled Wheels (provisional name).  
Wheels is a poem written by Nancy Cunard . The poet lived in a large house at the top of the hill where I live in the 1920’s. The house is now owned by David Ross (who owns the carphone warehouse) and within the grounds is an opera house where this summer they are staging A midsummer nights dream.
This is the poem i’m working with… 
I sometimes think that all our thoughts are wheels
Rolling forever through the painted world,
Moved by the cunning of a thousand clowns
Dressed paper-wise, with blatant rounded masks,
That take their multi-coloured caravans
From place to place, and act and leap and sing,
Catching the spinning hoops when cymbals clash.
And one is dressed as Fate, and one as Death,
The rest that represent Love, Joy and Sin,
Join hands in solemn stage-learnt ecstacy.
While Folly beats a drum with golden pegs,
And mocks that shrouded Jester called Despair.
The dwarves and other curious satellites,
Voluptuous-mouthed, with slyly-pointed steps,
Strut in the circus while the people stare.
And some have sober faces white with chalk,
Of sleeping hearts, with ponderance and noise
Like weary armies on a solemn march.
Now in the scented gardens of the night,
Where we are scattered like a pack of cards,
Our words are turned to spokes that thoughts may roll
And form a jangling chain around the world.
Wheels by Nancy Cunard 
Pretty nice imagery eh? I’ve been wanting to make a short stop-motion film/posters and game from this poem ever since I’ve read. Now I have the time! Thank you Falmouth Uni 😀  
So this conjures up for me a gothic horror 1920’s fairground in which there are a number of games to interact with. Surrounding a circus tent are many games which could include a strongman hammer game,  a shooting game, coconut shy, hoopla, hook a duck (but obviously made much more magical, bazaar and potentially grotesque).
The game concept is that the player must successfully pass each short game to enter into the circus tent in the middle of the fairground. They do not have to play the games in any particular order. 
The player explores the fairground, playing the games and immersing themselves in this strange world, until they reach an old fashioned psychic fortune teller booth. This is situated a the entrance to a large, ominous circus tent.

The player must play this final game in order to enter the tent. Here the player must choose 3 cards from a pack of oracle cards. Once chosen, this will trigger three short films to be shown which illustrate their past, present and future (It’s not going to be pretty). 

One idea I had was to develop an interactive device which could control the film. This could be a physical pack of cards (This is in my brain dump blog post) or an old fashioned paper fortuneteller. I’ve explored this further in my blog post here (Links to an external site.. It may be simpler to use a pack of cards in which the player speaks the name on the card. Voice recognition will will trigger the film.   
My mind is currently over-run with strange gothic horror characters…
Time to draw them out before they really start causing trouble. 

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