GAM 740 week 12: 04 Creative Producer – Experience Design

Before moving on to the next project, I am conducting some research. I have been analysing my current skills and experience in regards to experience design so that I can build on my strengths while developing my weaknesses/gaps.

I have always had two distinct processes, two ways of thinking…

  • Creative agile thinking : I can take a brief, brain storm, flip it.. flip it, then flip it again to produce an original response. I then research into the topic as I flip my ideas continuously. Sometimes they go off the edge and I bring them back I usually hold my ideas lightly and chat with other creatives, brain storming, listening out for chance conversations, remaining receptive to something that is untangible, a vibe or sense of what feels right. I call this digging for gold. It’s a balance between conducting thorough research and letting ideas emerge. I usually gauge where the client/director is at and depending on their understanding (and sometimes bravery) I pitch a safe idea to reassure the client I’ve listened carefully to what they think they need and then I pitch an idea closer to my developed response. It’s a tricky process. 
  • Analytic, logical execution : I have learned to produce a project while still being open to responding to change. This comes from my years of working in business and finance, contract law, sales, HR, IT and generally in jobs where I’ve had to make sure that things happen as they need to. Once the pitch is won, the process of pre-production/production begins  (an especially lively times in stop-motion Animation production) as often protyping is in the process of development when production commences. Handling the budget, recruiting talent, envisioning roles and defining the production, testing and ordering materials, orchestrating deliveries, setting out health and safety, and generally, trying to keeping everyone happy :D. It’s about working in collaboration, being in the nitty gritty while having the reigns so that the project gets over the finishing line, on time and on budget. Success is about monitoring progress to hit a deadline while handling unforeseen issues (always have a plan B)… it’s about delivering something incredible.. jaw dropping… a beautiful thing, and in agile methodology its about using this process to step forward into the next iteration/project. 
So Next, 
where is my passion at? 
What really makes my heart jump? 
The answers… 
  • Creating the unimaginable (A/A) – There’s nothing quite like pulling off an amazing creative project. 
  • Animation – breathing life to an inanimate thing, making it real. 
  • Interaction – sensing the interaction between humans and humans, humans and nature… and Humans and technology. What is going on in between…
  • Communication – Packaging something complicated in such a way that anyone can learn, understand and be inspired by an interaction because it is simple, natural and more often than not simply beautiful. 
Job Spec example : Creative producer – Experience Design Studio Holovis

It’s a Creative Producer’s role to be lead on the Creative vision of a project from start to finish, from initial concept development through to on site production, you’ll see your work come to life in location based entertainment venues worldwide. You will work with our Creative Director, Business Development team, artists, engineers and software developers to ensure that the creative intent of projects is realised.

  • Ensure the project’s creative design Intent is successfully achieved
  • Lead or assist in the development of the creative guest experience
  • Lead creative workshops with clients to establish their attraction development objectives
  • Manage client expectations and budget through the creative development, installation and post production processes.
  • Collaborate and direct multi-disciplinary teams including but not limited to: artists, engineers, theming designers, architects, script writers, software developers, operators and project managers 
  • Partner with the team to develop, review and manage scopes, contract documents, cost estimates, schedules, strategies and work plans to align with achieving the  project’s creative intent.
  • Ensure creative design intent is properly designed, developed, articulated and  documented. 
  • Manage internal and external resources through every phase of design, production and installation.
  • Develop and manage work plans, estimates, schedules and tasks for all creative design and art direction activities in support of the overall project
  • Ensure appropriate level and number of design, art direction and specialist resources are assigned as needed throughout the project.
  • Develop and manage resource plans to support project development and production efforts.
  • Ensure that staffing and resources are contracted and approved to deliver project deliverables in accordance with and approved project budgets and schedules.
  • Manage, interpret, communicate and present concept and design intent development to a variety of stakeholders
  • Ensure conformance with, and acquire creative approvals from, 3rd Party Licensors as required 
  • Develop, manage and report status on design and production budgets schedules.
🔲 Themed entertainment experience working as a creative lead, designer or producer. 
🔲 Must have a competent understanding of all themed show elements, including audio visual systems, scenic, lighting, SFX and programme management. 
✔️ You have the right to live, work and drive in the United Kingdom.  
✔️ You’re happy to travel, domestically and internationally with nights away from home   

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