GAM 730 Week 11:01 Analysing Results

We are still in the process of capturing user data and an initial analysis will be undertaken when this is done however, these are the guidelines we are following:


A) Google Doc – Added to Google Drive

B) LaTex Template using Git Version Control in collaboration with the team.

We will be using a google Doc.

1. Google Document (Informed by Wrik Geelhoed)
2. Interview Data Summary

Agent User Testing Analysis and Write Up

Interview Data

  • Transcibe the interviews – Word
  • Capturing sound recording – Audacity/adobe edition
  • Transcription software. 
  • Code the transcriptions – Categories – Questions we have asked… likes/dislikes, subcategories. this can be done by highlighting the text in different colours – yellow for likes, orange for dislikes etc… 
  • Nvivo – 
  • Put up the questions and then put all the users responses under that heading.  
  • leave out less relevant content but try to keep as much as possble. 
  • start a second document to summarise the data and give a few quotes.           

Cognitive Walkthrough Data

  •  ask the user to think aloud as they navigate through the game 
  • video the process 
  • make notes 
  • analyse it by a full report 
  • Walkthrough form 
  • Define the critical points – start , which button do they press, is is obvious which button they should use, where does it lead to etc. 
  • Describe how different users navigate through these points      

Writing a Research Report

  • Use recommended structure 
  • Write in the third perdspon – it was decided that 
  • Don’t use I , use we.  
  • However/, persona A says ___ Person B says ___ 

The report Structure 

  • Abstract (Summary with same structure) – write this last. 
  • Introduction (Background/other apps/our contribution/hypothesis/state of the art – list what others have don, similar apps/The remainer of our structure is as follows… Methods/results/discussion/conclusion. 
  • Methods – Interview Study/participants/how they were recruited/procedure and equipment – consent form, interview script, how they were recorded, how the data was analysed, using word and audio editor, coding categories
  • Walkthough – participants,  equipment, video set up, video analysis and the critical points in the walkthrough, method process – just write the facts.    
  • Results – Cut and paste the analysis into the report, summarise the results and add some quotes to illustrate the report.  
  • Discussion (What is all means) – Tell your story using your own style of writing. Structure – background of the study and the background, interviews from the introduction but make it shorter, methods section but make it shorter and make concise, findings and what you think it means, cut and paste whats in the results section and reword but don’t use the quotes. This will pave the way to the conclusion and inform the abstract.     
  • Conclusion (4 bullet points) – concise discussion and use bullet points. One or two sentences that capture the research  
  • Acknowledgments – one paragraph
  • References (Add references) – Harvard Referencing tightly structured. American Psychology association – apps/articles etc.  
  • Appendices.

Report Templates 

Useful Texts

Alan Bryman in the book Social Research Methods

Overleaf – Report Template


Although we are in working in teams and we understand that the task can be broken down into equal sections and assigned to each member of the team, this is not currently possible due to the current division of work between our coder, researcher and designer.  

Mike, our coder has produced the working app mechanics entirely on his own, I have produced the design concept, basic assets and conducted some testing and training while Zabit (our researcher) has been obtained market and academic research but and needs further support to develop his user experience research methodology and methods of approach. We understand that he is currently acquiring this knowledge.   

I have therefore briefly outlined  our approach so as to inform the next stage of user research and development. This will be posted in the form of a google document to google drive. 


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