GAM 720 Week 1:02 Initial Response

Project concepts so far.

  • Fizhogg – This project could be further developed as a VR narrative story. I haven’t got a narrative to work with at the moment but studying multipathway interactive story telling could be the way to go. So looking at the narrative structure of bandersnach for example, could be informative. I am interested in developing this kind of project for submission to VR Annecy category and I am planning to check this out directly at the festival in June this year. 
  • Wheels (Critters) – This project has been on the back burner for several years as I have plans to develop it as a short stop motion animation shot in wilder, natural spaces. This has the most potential for a stand alone project as it has a clear narrative focus. The poem “Wheels’ written by Nancy Cunard can form the basis of the narrative and the characters and world can be developed from there. I am thinking about a 1920’s style cirque De soleil meets alice in wonderland narrative which can be ‘played’ in physical space as well as on a virtual/augmented world. Linking the two will move towards an XR project which will allow a great breadth of experimentation. I’m thinking about linking a special deck of cards to a virtual environment in some way.. not sure how but the concept development phase should reveal more. 
AR Card Trading game
I like the A/R interaction in Genesis (above) but I am not excited by the card trading concept because it won’t give anough scope for experimentation in and of itself in isolation. 
Can I introduce a set of physical cards as part of the game play ? Could there be a virtual game which links to the physical cards in some way.. maybe a code could be embedded in an A/R animation. That is to say that the only way to get the code is to choose the right card… I’m thinking a tarot card deck  as opposed to a traditional playing cards deck.   

Based on the wheels wheels narrative, can I produce a mixed reality experience? 
The world created by the poet is rich in circus/fantasy imagery which could be an exciting starting point for world/character/Prop concept  development. 
I have pulled images from my own work so that I can create a mood board. 
I also have reference material on Pinterest here  


  • Other – This is an open brief and something better may emerge out of the initial experiments. 

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