Creative Coding Competition 2018 – Research

Okay so I would describe myself as a coder in development… that is to say that i’m learning to code and being exposed to different languages for different applications is really, really challenging.

However, I enjoy playing in challenging spaces to see what I can do in them and what I can make out if them. 
This competition is encourages students on the MA Creative App Development to dive into Code for the specific purpose of designing and developing a generative logo. 
I began by reading  The Nature of Code as I try to connect the way I think about code to the way I encounter and subsequently represent Nature in my work. I was really looking for a familiar connection so as to reduce the sense of tension I feel when I start a coding project. 
The next thing I did was to open the page into which I could write my code, here
I edited the canvas size to 500 x 500 px and then look at examples while I begin to think about what the logo needs to represent.

What could I make my logo do… and how will this effect the design? What is Creative App Development to me and to others on the course?

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