Commercial Showreel



A Halloween Themed Site-Located VR Experience.

This forms part of a cross reality event designed to encourage young people from diverse backgrounds to engage with Opera.

Currently in Alpha Channel, Oculus.



Fizhogg World

Fizhogg is filled from valley to hillside with eccentric characters that always have an hilarious yarn to spin.  

So pull on your Kagool, pack up your ham sandwich, club biscuit and bottle of orange squash, and then sit down and pull on your VR headset…

You could be here awhile.



No-one expects the call.. you could be anyone, anywhere.. you are.. AGENT.

A geo-located mobile app that combines all the fun of the escape room with the tension and suspense of an espionage thriller.

Are you prepared ?

CiTV Idents

Second home studios, Birmingham 

Origami stop-motion puppets were produced for these broadcast quality Idents produced with Second Home Studios, commissioned by CiTV. 

The Day Pilsen Struck Gold

Second Home Studios, Birmingham. 

Commissioned by Pilsner Urquelle, this stop-motion advert was constructed entirely of paper.

This project was production managed, researched and developed as part of a large project directed by Chris Randall and Jim Turner, Second Home Studios.

The Day Pilsen Struck Gold was awarded British Animation Award, Golden Panda and nominated for Annecy Film Festival.


Step Forwards

Available from Verity Pabla and Band 

Distributed by Si Hayden Silvery Records 

A love story of two hearts that crosses the expanse between Canada and the United Kingdom.

This enhanced music album includes this short animated video.

Available from the Artist, iTunes and Si Hayden, Silvery Records. 



Students were asked to watch the animated video and download a paper template and create their own dream career !

This no-profit advertising campaign was designed to encourage students to take part in the D&AD New Blood Student awards.






Science doesn’t have to sock!

This micro stop motion animated advert was designed to encourage students aged 9 to 12, to look at science differently.

The project was awarded joint first prize in the New Blood D&AD student awards (2009) for excellence in film craft Animation.