Week 1:07 Searching for a Spiral/Reflective research methodology

I am looking for methodologies relating to App Design.

I am reading about Agile (OUP used agile methodology), Reflective Practice looking at spiral models of knowledge acquisition and iterative research practices.

There are many texts published on this and so I am working through them.

If I could find one I can use commercially this would also help with my experimental practice-research work and any future papers I could publish. I will follow this line of enquiry on my experimental blog as I get to grips with the commercial application.

But first, I am asking ‘Do I have a sound practical methodology with which I can Design, Develop and Deliver, Apps?’.

Week 1:06 Activity Update : Adobe UX Research

I have been researching how to create a professional mock-up using Adobe UX. (Lynda.com provided by Falmouth Uni, is an invaluable resource). I watched the Adobe XD CC Essential Design with Damian Borba.

I began to think about how I could design my app ‘No Problemo’ and illustrate the functionality as an initial concept, so that I could communicate my concept to the team.

The demo given explained how a style guide could be captured from a live website and used as a starting point for the app design.

Rather than use a website, I thought I could use a famous happy little chap called ‘Speedy Gonzales’.

Warner Brothers, 2018: Accessed 12/06/2018  https://www.warnerbros.co.uk/tv/big-faces-speedy-gonzales-and-friends/big-faces-speedy-gonzales-and-friends

I am working on the mock-up at the moment and will post these shortly.

Week 1: 05 Activity Update


As long as we have each other we will never run out of problems

I initially thought that the task was that we should be designing an app that deals with some kind of human problem.

After speaking with the team, I understand that the general consensus is that its actually about how we support each other to solve problems.

So on that basis, Can I design an app concept that supports others to solve problems…

I ask:

How do we solve problems?

How do we assist others to solve problems?

Ultimately, What kind of problems could we help to solve?


Thumbnail Sketches

Provisional App Name
The following screen will display
The user can then then… 
a) Either Ask for Help…

B) Provide Help…

To ask for Help 



The screen will display quick links to the general areas of help first of all
(Instead of ‘need to ask a question’ it could just say ‘Have a Question?’ 

To ask a question the next screen will display
Do you have a picture or video to share?
Do you have picture or video to share? 

To Provide Help 

The Amigo in need of help will then receive a message…
… and hopefully the answer isn’t turning it off and back on again.


Week 1.04 Technical Specification


iMac (27-inch, Mid 2010)

  • Processor 2.93 GHz Intel Core i7

  • Memory 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

  • Startup Disk Macintosh HD 

  • Graphics ATI Radeon HD 5750 1024 MB 

iPadPro Model A1584

Apple Pencil

External WD 2TB Hard drive

2TB Cloud Storage Subscription

Iphone 6s

Raspberry Pi

E-Textiles Materials


Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription (Full Package) with 100GB Cloud Storage

Unity Installed

Hardware that needs some TLC (Not Working)

Dell XPS 420 PC


Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce GTX 460

I think that the processor has burnt out because the fan failed.

If I want to use 3DsMax I think I will need to look at Graphics capability and so might need to upgrade some of my kit.

Week 1.03 Relaunching Websites (GDPR) & Blogs

This week I have been working on relaunching the following websites in response to GDPR and so as to incorporate new App Development research and design.

My experimental website can be found here 

(Tap the Image to enter)

My New Experimental journal can be found here. 

(Tap the Image to enter) 

I am in the process of relaunching my industry portfolio website sarra.tv (TBA)

(Not Online)

I have also relaunched my industry blog (This one you’re currently reading).

My practice straddles both experimental work and industry based work and so sometimes its tricky to know where to post content as the two practices feed each other.

Week 1:02 Brain Dump – Project Outlines

Project Outlines

1. Project Shell 

Design and Develop a visual arts project in which a prototype model of a human body, constructed from paper and conductive thread responds to projected images.

The model could be constructed this from paper and conductive thread connected to a small programmable device such as an Arduino and maybe include a small projector which could project a responsive app (Helix).


    Kinetic Sculpture 
    Kinetic Screen

    Kinetic Screen

    2. Project Helix

    Design and Develop a visual diary for the Practice-Based Researcher.

      This mobile app captures practice-based research, organises, and presents data content such as voice recording, interview videos, models. The app will easily present the data as a written thesis. This app could also allow access to the code.

      3. Project Fizhogg (Extended to a 3D World)

      Design and Develop a high street app.

        This app is a fantasy world (based on Market Harborough and surrounding villages) in which prominent buildings and shops can be accessed, leading to further commercial and social website content.

        This could be modelled in 3Ds Max and built in unity.

        Week 1: 01 Activity

        As long as we have each other we will never run out of problems…

        Here is my initial brainstorming using my pencil and pad whilst we chatted in the webinar. 
        I think that I have an app that will help make this clearer for sharing as the image is pretty poor quality here on the blog. I also have an app that will record the sequence of my ideas as a video but I haven’t used that before.   
        I will update this post after I’ve tried out a few of these options. 
        I know that the next step in this process is to get to know the research facilities that Falmouth has to offer as there are other tasks on the board to try out. 
        We will also be sharing and getting feedback from each other via a discussion forum. 
        It was really great to meet our Tutor for this module and get to our team a little better. 
        After some testing of my apps I think the app I thought recorded ideation brainstorming was Adobe Draw but it seems that this app no longer has this facility.

        Here is another brainstorm I have drawn on my iPad with my Apple Pencil.

        I’m unsure as to whether this will work but I have managed to download a video of my ideation brainstorming process via Adobe Draw. 
        Okay, so it seems that my blog will not accept an .m4v video downloaded from google drive and so I’ve set up a YouTube channel for the course and have loaded the video here. 
        The video recording is a time lapse of my drawing and does indicate the sequence of my thought process but the video is far too fast. It’s not possible to edit the video in Adobe Draw and the only way to alter the speed would be in an editing software such as adobe premier pro or final cut. 
        I think I will have to find a more direct and effect way of communicating my thought process because I don’t want the technology to get in the way of my thoughts. 
        I always tend to use a pencil and paper in front of the person/team I’m working with. 
        Mmmmm… what to do? 
        I can add another process which uploads the video to adobe Clip as I can slow the video down by 50% and then upload to YouTube. 
        This process is rather clunky though and I’m going to have to investigate this further.