Unreal :Making the Switch from Unity to Unreal Engine

I am currently trying Unreal to look at how the engine might produce an open world environment.  A few studios and HE use it so it could be worthwhile getting to grips with.  It will be interesting to see how the engines differ from each other.

Following a pathway on Unreal Learn, I found it easier to go through the course, ‘Making the Switch from Unity to Unreal Engine’, rather than begin with Unreal starter courses. This meant that the main challenge would be learning the new terminology and layout rather than the essential functionality, which seem pretty similar.


It was fairly straightforward to understand how unreal differs from Unity (in principle) having spent 2 years with the Unity Engine, but Starting with a simple project to start with will allow for a practical tour around the engine. 





New Studio

 For the last few months I have been working on reorganising the studio to accommodate a new process in which I create a personal collection of Cyanotype images in which I explore natural sunlight and form using this really versatile cameraless photography technique. 

It is intended  that the Cyanotypes be virtually presented initially as a 360 app in which framed ‘prints’ are hung within a 3D cyanotype-like virtual space. 

This will be produced using the unreal engine as the assets created for the 360 gallery will be used to create an openworld prototype that will allow visitors to explore a living world of changing light, beyond the static print images an into an immersive world. 

Merribel Woods ( SSSI )

Digital Editing, Design & Production Set Up

Adobe Creative Cloud  / Blender / Unity Engine/ Unreal Engine / oculus / iOS / windows

100% Sustainable Energy (Electric & Gas) OVO 


Composition Area 

Veg plots with wild flowers.. 

Local Delivery : My trusty old bike

National Delivery : WEGO Nottingham https://www.wegocouriers.co.uk/

Burglar Alarm 


Note: Can easily be bypassed with dog treats…. 

Lunarium Review March 2021

Development Track 

Project X 

    Wheels_New_39 Project File 

    Lunarium2 Project File

Wheels_New_39 Project File

Lunarium Gear VR     Jan 20 – Mar 20 

Lunarium Oculus Go  Mar 20 – Jun 20 

Lunarium PC Feb 20 – May 20

Lunarium Quest   Jul 20 

Lunarium WebGL VR1 – VR25   

Lunarium 2 Project File 

Lunarium_PC_06_V55_01 to Lunarium_PC_06_V55_36 April 2020

Lunarium Quest 01 to Lunarium Quest 09 July 2020

Lunarium Quest Link Rift 01 to Lunarium Quest Link Rift 02 Aug 20 – Nov 20 

Additional test Scenes    

Enter Scene (Room 1)  Aug 20

Top Tent Cut Scenes Sep 20

Unity Tests 

Machine Learning 

Heart Anatomy 


Hand Interaction  

Current Development : Unity 2019.4.5f1

Having developed Lunarium for android devices where optimisation was key, I had got to the point where I had Lunarium installed on my headset at Alpha Channel on Oculus, completed all the publication documents and put together a marketing file. I knew that the app needed alot of work, particularly around interaction and navigation. It also needed alot of Set, Prop and Character design and modelling to be completed. 

I knew that the publishing process was going to change in January I decided to throw caution to the wind and develop for Oculus Rift for the time being. This obviously meant I had the power of my PC to pull on. 

Lunarium Quest Link Rift 01 to Lunarium Quest Link Rift 02 Aug 20 

It is now March, and I am looking again at how I can upload a working game that can be shared with as many testers as possible. This will give some focus to getting the project live while helping to prioritise  workload.

Current Pipeline (No Priority) 

Enter Scene (Trainer/Set Up) 

Fairground Scene 

Top Tent Scene 

Labyrinth Scene  

Heaven Scene 

Hell Scene   

Exit Scene 

In order to go through the Oculus App Dev Process (March 2021) I am going to wind back to Lunarium_Quest_09

Pandemonium : A year on from MA Creative App Development

Pandemonium :


1. wild uproar or unrestrained disorder; tumult or chaos.
2. a place or scene of riotous uproar or utter chaos.
3. (often initial capital letterthe abode of all the demons.
4. hell.


If you are a certain age you may understand the reference.. I’m just off to play a bit of Pandy for a bit.


The original ToysForBob version…

I didn’t think that, back at the beginning of 2020, I would refer to going out in a global pandemic as ‘I’m just off to play a bit of pande for a bit’ in a ‘gallows humour’ kind of way. In our house that’s the way we deal with the darkest and most serious things…
Anyway, since completing the MA in creative application development (Falmouth University) in April last year, (when I kept my head down long enough to kick the final project over the finishing line knowing that was only its first stage of development), I emerged from my cave into a very changed world.
I did a bit of a deep dive into my projects, considering Helix, POD, (name not disclosed) Clinicians mood tracker and lunarium. I decided that although the theme park industry would be fantastic fun and ultimately very creative, the site location aspect of my Lunarium app could be explored in the field of wellbeing and healthcare. I became really interested in immersive training that deployed VR and site located tech to create simulated training experiences for clinicians.
I joined the NHS in August 2020, in a role that was responsible for infection control audits, PPE and clinic stock control, using Trello Boards to control and track the project.
 I developed a simple system that would manage various processes and systems in the department.
I went on to work in Learning and Development team as a systems lead, responsible for virtual learning. In this role I have answered the vaccination hotline, given out lateral flow kits, hosted compliance video training sessions, produced an infection control training video, delivered compliance training to those staff shielding, produced numerous communications relating to training courses, training videos and face to face delivered content as well as giving some insight into e-learning platforms by converting flas to javascript and advising on html5 and mobile device publication… generally just helping out where I could.
I have re-visited my career plan many times, and re-written my SMART goals (published in January). I am making small steps to achieving these goals, albeit the progress is slow. I have commenced the Instructional Design Pathway on Linked In learning.


I have also produced another mask for the Lunarium Project. I am continuing to produce models for this in paper and create designs to produce them in blender and Unity. I am still working out how the paper models will translate into unity, doing this by producing a paper cut illustrated poster.


I continue to conduct research in immersive site located entertainment and healthcare training as well as identify developments in VR generally. This activity gives me hope that we will be get back to normal soon, even if this is a ‘new normal’.
I watch the news and internalise a lot of events that are happening in the world, I try to keep my moral compass facing north and protect my personal integrity with the single belief that together, we can create a new world (a hundred times better than the old one).

Bafta Games Animation : Twitch

Cinemachine Experiments in Lunarium 2

(Creating Cut-Scenes for the VR Experience) 

I am just about to join the twitch channel to watch how Bafta/Creative Assembly explain how  Animation is created in Warhammer games.  


I am interested in how Unity Creation Engine can be deployed to create short animated films and cut-scenes for ingame narrative. I have been playing with virtual cameras in Lunarium 2 this morning. 

The focus of the twitch session was explaining the animation workflow and artistic process behind creating animated characters, battles and cut scenes.  

Eliot Maren genrously showed his creative process and explained how to use Maya to create motion and export for game engine. 
He was clear to state that a work life balance is important to keep healthy and maintain an enthusiasm for the craft. 


XR Animation/multiplayer adventure RPG (Commercial Project) Research – For Nintendo Switch

Adventure Games

  • The Hobbit
  • Day of the Tentacle 
  • The Dig 
  • Discworld 
  • Monkey Island 

Fantasy Novels

Example: Terry Pratchett Discworld  
Fantasy Fighting Novels 
  • Citadel of Chaos by Steve Jackson 
  • The Gates of Death by Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone – Charlie Higson 

RPG Game Apps (iOS)

Unity for Film and Animation

Mr Carton
Nothing Happens 
The Last Goodbye 
Zero Days
Summer Camp

Nintendo Switch Platform

The legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 
Yoshi’s crafted World (With knitted Amiibo’s) 

Annecy Animation Festival
XR Animation Category Annecy (2019)

Unity Switch Development examples:

Oxford VR

SMART Goals (Redefined)

Narrative (XR):
To write an XR Narrative experience, I will need to script a branching first person ‘choose your own adventure’ story which will include some puzzle solving. The narrative draws from local history and knowledge which is gently pushed into the inventive and the eccentric. To do this I will need to experience RPG game play and deconstruct narrative structure so as to better understand how it works. I will need to do this by January 2020. I will know that I have achieved this when I can map the story, choices and interactions  in a way that can be clearly understood by a trusted colleague.

3D Modelling (Maya) :
To build on my 3D Modelling skills acquired 3Ds Max, I will need to produce a simple set, a rigged character and props for my XR project, Fizhogg (Provisional name). I will need to choose a single character and prop which will be exported to a simple white box model set in unity. This does not need to be an artefact for Fizhog but can be from my new module project. I will need to do this by September 2019. I will know I have achieved this when I can apply my interaction to my models in unity.

App Development (iOS and Android)
To publish mobile applications I will need to take a project from conception to publication on the Apple App Store and Google Play. I will need to acquire a publishing licence and fully understand how to navigate the vetting process. In the next collaborative App project I will focus on the technical and publication aspect of the process. I will do this by December 2019. I will know I have achieved this when I can explain the process to others within my group.

Game Development (Unity):
To develop an XR Animated experience I will need to learn Unity for export to Ninetendo Switch by registering for a licence and then design a white box prototype using C# Code Interactions. I will need to do this in my next project which will be complete by September 2019. I will know that I have achieved this if I can conduct user testing on a simple white box model 1st person player prototype for the switch platform.

Research (Academic)
To write a new research proposal I will examine how the theme of ‘darkness’ can be explored within the context of feminism and the experience of women at the intersection between videogames, expanded Animation and multimedia generally. Taking my current research in animation and expanded animation I now want to examine XR Animation and experience design. The deadline for this is May 2020. I will know that I have done this when I have written and submitted my masters thesis as a prelude to a new research project.

Research Network (Digital & Physical RPG)

To develop a digital RPG/Cinematic VR project, I need to understand how to write a multiple pathway ‘choose your own adventure’ script. I will do this my conducting grey and academic literature in conjunction with learning from practitioners in the field. I will do this by conducting a sweep of literature in the games research as well as joining local meet-up groups in my area. I will do this by September 2019. I will know I have achieved this when I have attended 2 digital and 2 physical events.

Women In Games (Academic Project) Research

Women in Gaming movement celebrates 10 years this year.

Videogame making is a male dominated industry. This is both a challenge and an opportunity to influence change.

People who play Computer games do not necessarily think at they are doing so. The definition of gaming is a broad one.

Guardian reports 55% of game players are women.

This raises a few questions…

Is what it means to be a women in the world today, a different experience to what it means to be a man ?

Is there a natural unconscious gender bias (revealed in ones assumptions) and can these be challenged by yourself or do they require an outsider perspective?
Does diversity in production mean diversity in that which is produced ? 

Research (Grey and Academic)

Gaming for everyone: Women in gaming pitch perfect



Creative Coding Competition 2018 – Research

Okay so I would describe myself as a coder in development… that is to say that i’m learning to code and being exposed to different languages for different applications is really, really challenging.

However, I enjoy playing in challenging spaces to see what I can do in them and what I can make out if them. 
This competition is encourages students on the MA Creative App Development to dive into Code for the specific purpose of designing and developing a generative logo. 
I began by reading  The Nature of Code as I try to connect the way I think about code to the way I encounter and subsequently represent Nature in my work. I was really looking for a familiar connection so as to reduce the sense of tension I feel when I start a coding project. 
The next thing I did was to open the page into which I could write my code, here
I edited the canvas size to 500 x 500 px and then look at examples while I begin to think about what the logo needs to represent.

What could I make my logo do… and how will this effect the design? What is Creative App Development to me and to others on the course?