Week 6:06 agile on the beach Day 2

Renwick: Implementing the minimum viable organisation

Parks: Risks and Problems

Smith: Resilience as a continuous delivery Enabler

Halford: Awesome products inspiration or iteration

Gwen Diagram

James Birnie
Rich Ware Skybus

Apparently the hololens brings out the inner demon.. who could tell? 

Week 6:05 Agile on the Beach conference Day 1

Key Note Speaker Gerd Gigerenzer:

Hyde: Making the Jump from Design to Product

Sullivan: Using Neuroscince to build High Performance Teams

Aerospace Cornwall

Rashid: A gentle introduction to Neural Networks

Bridgewater and Walters: Agile to treat ADHD

I found this paper surprising as Bridgewater and Walters discussed how they has deployed Agile Methodology to help organise their personal and professional lives given that one partner has sever ADHD. This illustrates that Agile can be useful in many different arenas outside of app development. 

Stockwell: Adjusting research to the Agile World

GiffGaff bunch
Kerry Paulson

Week 2:06 Reflective practice

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” 
Saren Kierkegaard

Living as a reflective practitioner, being reflective in the right way, at the right time which allows one to grow and develop as an effective creative, is tricky.

It takes practise, requires structure and needs to be developed into an embedded habit.

What I am currently researching is how my research methodology ‘REALM’, is underpinned by Grounded Theory, Action Research, Experiential Learning and Reflective Practice, and how this could be practically applied in my work.

I actually already deploy this methodology in my practice however, I have not applied this structure of writing to my journal entries. If I applied a structure I would not miss an opportunity for reflection and subsequent personal and professional development.

Week 2:01 REALM Methodology

My understanding of App Design Methodology fits well with my understanding of action research and reflective practice.

I think that my methodology, that which I modelled in CGI entitled ‘Helix’, can be termed REALM (Reflective Agile Learning Model) 

Embedding Reflection and Learning into Agile Software Development’, Babb, Hoda, and  Narbjerg.

Mind & Nature: A Necessary Unity, Bateson, G. 1979
John Dewy 
Grounded Theory 
Action Theory 
Experiential Knowledge 



The spiral I referred to In my CGI animation was inspired by my observations of fractal patterns in natural formed objects such as a rams horn or fern leaf.  It was an attempt to visually explain a methodology that was iterative and yet   reflective in nature.  

The closest methods I could relate to at that time was action research. I found practice-based and practice-led methodologies too vague and the emphasis on philosophy rather than the research topic was particularly distracting.

Today I read the following article:

Embedding Reflection and Learning into Agile Software Development
Accessed 12/06/2018

The model combines insights and results from industrial studies of agile development practices in India, New Zealand, and the US with Schön’s  theory of reflective practice.8–[9]1

The methodology has its origins in Action research and  Grounded Theory 

Agile methods – scrum & extreme programming 

I think I should structure my blog posts with REALM, going forward. I will need to pay attention to Reflection-in-action And Reflection-on-action accordingly.

E-book central 
Agile foundations 
Barry boahrm spiral 1985 

Week 1:07 Searching for a Spiral/Reflective research methodology

I am looking for methodologies relating to App Design.

I am reading about Agile (OUP used agile methodology), Reflective Practice looking at spiral models of knowledge acquisition and iterative research practices.

There are many texts published on this and so I am working through them.

If I could find one I can use commercially this would also help with my experimental practice-research work and any future papers I could publish. I will follow this line of enquiry on my experimental blog as I get to grips with the commercial application.

But first, I am asking ‘Do I have a sound practical methodology with which I can Design, Develop and Deliver, Apps?’.