GAM740 Week 6:01 Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property (IP) Law


My rights and responsibilities as a creative app developer.

How do I protect my code?
How do I avoid being taken advantage of?
How to avoid legal consequences as a result of my app?
Loss or harm to others?

  1. Seek advice 
  2. Draw up a clear contract. 
My initial definition of the law…
Laws are rules that define the concept of  ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, which adhere a moral code based on counties religious beliefs. 
Social structures gain protection by giving up some individual freedom… 
The definition of law, Korowitz (1958) 
A body of rules prescribing external conduct and considered justiciable. 

Customs and cultural practice, localised law. Feudal/Lord justice
After 1066 Common Law – court justice.
Judicial presendence/ bound by a higher jurisdiction.
Writs – Kings court
Declaration of writes 1215
1689 – Royal powers largely annulled.
Statute of Law

The law evolves over time and common and statue law are now considered.
There are 4 sources of Law

Court of appeal
European court of human rights

1988 Copyright Designs and Patents Act.




I have a background in contract law gained for working in the financial services industry in which I needed to collate files, swear affidavits and present cases within a county court. I have also worked in property and employment law. 

I have had first hand experience of accidentally using a copyright image on my website which I assumed was taken in the 1920’s only to discover that it had been edited and was now subject copyright law. This was not a good situation. Fortunately I was a student at the time and therefore could legitimately claim it was for academic purposes however I am now very careful to ensure that all the images I use are my own. 

In regards to Trademark Law, I am aware of how to register ones company logo as a trademark.