GAM730 Week 06:05 Daily Scrum & Co-locative Media research for week 7:01

Daily Scrum 6.00pm

Sarra and Mike Attended


1. Planned video production with Mike.
2. Discussed the fair distribution of work (raised some concerns that Mike is doing a lot!)
3. Agreed with Mike that he will to do the New Adobe XD Prototype using the new brand graphics and pull off video.
4. Discussed David maybe do some corporate market research.
5. Wrote Video script as per canvanizer (needs further information for the promo video)
6. Designed HD Video screen stills prepared for sharing and video production


– preparing and transferring game Assets to google docs.
– conducting market research.
– covering week 6 content.

Blockers: None

Co-locative Research

Locative Media (ART)
E.g Zombie Run 
Testing app concept in varying locations on remote teams 
User safety , security and privacy. 
Robust and reliable to build trust 
Imaginative narrative 
Lucy Frears
Unlocking landscapes using locative media 
Headphones and chat 
Mike Pearson 

Walking arts network 
Land Art 
Experimental Net Art 
Tours and Guides 
SI – Guy Deborde – The Naked City 
Mid-guide – private secret in a public space. 
Tate a Tate 
Lucy Lipard 
Janet Cardiff – get inside and surrounded by it. 
Tony White – 
Terry Roux 
Multiple Narrative 
Mobile Participation 
Engagement with specific location 
Jen southern – Beacons 
Geographical and Data Space Convergence 

LEA – LA Replay 
Way from Home 
Tracking surveillance 
Mixed media 
gPS drawing 
Map Hacking 
Placed Narrative 
Virtually tagging the world 

Tracing the persons track in the world
Google map maker 
  • GPS Military Developed Tool – min 4 satellites & ground statements 
  • Control and surveillance 
  • Blast Theory Desert Rain 
  • Paula Levine – Baghdad/san Francisco 
LEA – Locative Media 
The missing voice – Janet Cardiff 
Immersive is it the right word for the dual habitation of the virtual and real world? 
Tom ABBA – Ambient Media 
Locative Composition – recording in a sequence just sound effects 

Then try build on the story using words. 
Locative Story 
Tracing a story that happens to someone in this space.. 

Story points – stands still or moves – put it out on paper 
Do you need to control the route – does it make sense out of order (mix it up) 
Non linear/non linear

Immersion or presence 
Pervasive media
Quality of the experience that left them in an imaginative world 

Something is enveloping you 
Surrounded by a completely ‘other’ reality 
Books can do that… 
New sounds 

A familiar place 
Regional accent resonated 
Familiar characters 
Relatable objects 

Technical glitches 
Physical stuff not referred to 
Lost interest in narrative 
Minor characters were stereo typical – participant lost interest. 

Immersion/engagement/presence text – the video game macmahon 
The pervasive media
There’s not an app for that… 

the pervasive media cookbook. 
The drum 

GAM730 Week 06:04 Promo/Instructional/Funding video prep

Pitch Planning

The personas need a little work but we could specifically present the user personas as part of the funding video if they are branded effectively and illustrate the kind of purchasers that will buy the app. This will also underpin why they might want to and inform the call to action. Importantly this will inform the monetisation of the app.

I have taken the structure recommended on canvanizer and written a script for the promo and funding videos.

They are very basic and M will flesh them them out with the game loops he has engineered while using his own scene of style and pizazz. He is the ideal presenter as he has a great depth of knowledge about combat and strategy games a well a a knowledge of spy language. He will also appeal to the key Male 18-33 demographic we are aiming for.

Pitch Research: 


Video stills 

(awaiting facts figures and in shot views of the presenter) 

GAM730 Week 06:01 Submission Prep

Instructional Video
The first work submission is due in just over a week which include three videos. 

 I am responsible for the Instructional Video and so I intend to work through the course content, finish editing the XD prototype with the new style guide I have designed (made available to everyone on google docs) and film players using the app as this will inform my instructional video.

My Instructional video will be made accessible to the whole team on google docs a week before the submission date so that it can be used in the editing process for the promotional video (another team member is responsible for this) and the corporate pitch video (another team member is responsible for this).

I will be relieved to deliver my share of the team work in good time and help the others where I can.

I am due to attend a conference next week and I will not have time to do any more after that point. 


In the last few days the project has faltered. Group projects are notoriously difficult and fraught with emotion, tension and frustration (in University as in life).  The key may be in clarity and good old fashioned honest communication

Different people have different ways of communicating be this verbal, visual, tactile or a combination of all them. Some have difficulty communicating at all. But as in life, we find a way through for the benefit of the whole or risk failure of the entire project.

One of the most difficult things I am finding is managing my own high expectations of myself and others while having very little control over the quality and quantity of the work delivered. I have a tightcontrol over my time management as my life generally is very busy.

Then there is the issue of fairness and the fair distribution of labour…

 I know that I have a good skillset to deliver a project which includes:

✔️market/academic research

✔️Adobe XD Prototype
✔️Style Guide/ branding
✔️marketing plan and social media campaign
✔️Mock-up images
✔️Maya models
✔️Unity prototype
✔️ Scriptwriting
✔️Video Production
✔️ Post Production

I have the broadest skillset in the team but I shouldn’t be a ‘learning stealer’ and I need to be aware of stepping in to take the lead if others can learn these skills for themselves and have a great learning experience in the process.

My focus is on developing my C# coding skills and spinning Maya with unity to produce a working prototype. In this case a slice of gameplay and not the whole caboodle. Although I can use script off line, It seems pretty easy to attach an interactive script to an object in unity (but these may be the famous last words).