GAM730 Week 05:04 Unity Instructions and Resources

Unity Resource



Timeline and Cinemachine post processing

GAM730 Week 05:03 Daily Scrum

Meeting notes

Done: Style Guide Version 02:03


Comic Style Video filter experiments

In the meeting today we: 
✔️ Changed the app name to Agent 
✔️ Agreed a simple narrative 
✔️ Agreed Demographic is 18-30 mainly Male/Female split 
✔️ Discussed the need for user stories. 
✔️ Agreed Font Change 
✔️ Discussed Logo Icon and Type Font 
✔️ Agreed Meeting times as : Saturday 6pm, Monday 7.30pm and Thursday 7.30pm. 
✔️ Discussed voice script – Mike to write and arrange voice artist. 
✔️ Agreed Video Production – Mike: promo video, Sarra: Instructional Video Dave: Corporate Funding Video Research.

✔️ Agreed final style guide will be produced on indesign as an interactive pdf document (Sarra) 
✔️ Unity AR Tests completed (by  David) 
✔️ Map experiments have been conducted (Sarra) 
✔️ David to work with mapbox in Unity. 
✔️ All to set up and share unity project 
✔️ The unity project is now shared on github for all to download. 
✔️ Need to cover week 5 content – Wireframe like diagram (TBC)

Doing: Adding new style guide into David’s Adobe XD Prototype for user testing. 
Blockers: None