GAM730 Week 03:09 App Name Change and new logo

The colour palettes will remain the same. 
Dark Grey       HEX 383228
Red                 HEX D30036
Black               HEX 000000
White               HEX FFFFFF
Light Cream    HEX FFF4B6 
Dark Cream    HEX FFB4B5

GAM730 Week 03:08 Vision Meeting

Vision Meeting Notes

19/06/2019 8pm.

We began the meeting by first talking about the tech that we prefer to use and the devices we had access to. Issues were raised regarding Adob XD test devices but Mike advised export can be to android and ios.

Technical Specification

  • Unreal C++ for Development 
  • Gitkracken Glo Board for project management 
  • One Drive for file creative sharing 
  • Discord for daily scrum at 9.00pm 10 mins max 
  1. Unreal Basics Tutorial (Skills Track)  

One Drive


Job Roles 
David – Scrum Master and support coder
Sarra – Creative & Marketing with some Academic Research and user testing.
Mike – Main Coder and technical research
Zabit – Market and Academic Research – Potentially contracts as well.

New App name
This will require a new logo but could offer plenty of in game and marketing special effects options.

Game Play 

  1. Player registers their Ghost Agent Name
  2. Their device will vibrate and the Ghost logo appears and fades out. 
  3. They will hear a voice from their ‘Handler’ through their earpiece. 
  4. They will receive a map of their location and their target site nearby. 
  5. They will be given their mission through the earpiece.
  6. They will walk to their target location. 
  7. Their device will vibrate when they are at the location
  8. They might receive a code to help them in their mission. 
  9. They will complete their mission (i.e disable a CCTV camera) 
  10. A stop watch will flash up on screen – The ghost agent must complete their mission in time. 
  11. If they are successful they they will go up the ranks. 
  12. If they are unsuccessful they will be tracked and must flee the site within 5 seconds
  13. The objective is to operate undetected against a criminal overlord/gang.        

This will form the basis of the XD Prototype. 

Daily Scrum 9.00pm on Discord.
Weekly Round Up 7.30pm on Monday.

Weekly Tasks 
David – Project systems set up and dual code/tech research with Mike – Update C++ skills
Sarra – Adobe XD Prototype on Sunday to export as a Video to Youtube or similar.
Mike – Explore and experiment with C++ = To break down game mechanics as a simple list/diagram
Zabit – Thorough research into AR type games both market research and bonus points Academic research into AR.

Dave to a fabulous job as Scrum Master (Which was amazing considering me and Mike are quite strong characters (insert “a bit gobby”) 

Zabid will make an excellent contribution and will be valued for his through research ‘legal’ mind. 

Lots achieved this meeting !

GAM730 Week 03:07 Team Bonding

Meetings coming up over the project are:

    • Vision Meeting – 8pm Wednesday
    • Scrum Meeting 1
    • Scrum Meeting 2
    • Daily Scrum 
    • Sprint Retrospective 
    • Project PostMortem    

I’m really pleased with the way things seem to be shaping up. I’m getting to know my team mates and they are getting to know me. Any tensions regarding technical preferences, ideologies and project management have been completely overcome which is a brilliant thing considering we have only been in contact for a few days. 

My only concern is how to integrate Zabit into the team as I think he may be having some difficulty. I will speak with Dom to see what we can all do to help him.  

Already there is an almost palpable energy and desire to kick this projects ass! 

It’s exciting to think how much we are going to learn from this project and each other. I really love getting stuck into a new creative project. My first response is to envision which for me means research and sketching. I’ve held off a little as I want to see what everyones ideas are. When the project is clearer, I will go full on ‘beautiful mind’ on it 😀

GAM730 Week 3:06 Vision Meeting – Wednesday

Define the vision
“In the 1960s at NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), no matter who you asked what they were doing, control center staff, janitors, programmers, everyone would respond they were putting a man on the moon. A vision like this motivates and excites people and moves them in a common direction to meet it.” – Jim Jones, IBM Manager
The vision focuses on the benefits to the stakeholders, rather than the technical solutions. It includes information about the business, demographics, competition, how the product fulfills a market need, along with a brief overview of the functional requirements. In order to create a robust and future-proof vision, the whole team must be involved in its creation. As with everything in Agile, the vision can change throughout the development process but you want, to begin with, good foundations.
Create a vision that includes:
  1. The mission (vision) – one inspirational and exciting sentence that is easily understood by all.
  2. The business outcomes – the descriptive factors or measures that when compared with the outcome, prove the mission has been achieved.
  3. The business drivers – what the priorities are with regards to the business objectives (speed of delivery, quality, features, risk versus opportunity, and so on).

Once you have the vision you can begin to create user stories. 
  • Assess the needs of the stakeholders with user stories, e.g. As a , I need to , so that .
  • Explore whether there are existing products that already meet the stakeholder’s needs.

Affinity diagram task
As a team, create an affinity diagram that helps you better understand the needs of your stakeholders.
KJ Method:
  1. Generate user stories for all relevant stakeholders (principal, end user, partners, insider).
  2. Group the user stories into related groups.
  3. Identify natural themes, problem areas, and feature sets.
  4. Confirm the user stories are in the proper groups.

GAM730 Week 03:05 Mock Profile

Profile: Sarra AKA “The Equalizer”. 
  • Coded ZX Spectrum at the age of 10. 
  • Adapted Lotus 1-2-3 as a rudimentary in the age of IBM mainframe systems. 
  • Successful Business & Finance Manager with a specialism in Profit & Loss Control and contract law. 
  • Hyper-realistic portrait Artist (20 years) 
  • 1st Class Illustration Degree from Coventry University. 
  • Multi Award Winning Animator -Awarded D&AD student Yellow Pencil for Film Craft Animation. 
  • 10 years as a freelance creative director and producer – Mobbswood Studios Coventry. 
  • Creative Studio Manager and lead model maker on a British Animation Awarded BAFTA and Annecy nominated Animation
  • Discovered projection mapping in 2007 while conducting research as an Artist-Animator. 
  • 4 years PhD Research in 3Ds Max & Heuristic thinking in Contemporary 3D  Animation practice & theory. 
  • Lecturer at Universities across the midlands, designing course modules, tutoring animation students and assessing work promoting interdisciplinarity and equality in creative practice
  • Delivered research papers at the University of Southern California, L.A USA, The Royal College of Art, London and The Birmingham Institute of Art & Design.
  • Is a women of a certain age, Mother of Two adults who is far too old to put up with a lot of sh*t she’s heard before. 

(lecturer info removed from image profile)

Objective: To smash the patriarchy, one d**k at a time (but she’s not a jerk about it).
Weakness: Caramac
Social Media 
Linked In: Sarra Hornby 
Twitter: #SarraHornby 
Academia.Edu :Sarra Hornby

GAM730 Week 03:04 Team Identity

Dream Team Inc

Dark Grey       HEX 383228
Red                 HEX D30036
Black               HEX 000000
White               HEX FFFFFF
Light Cream    HEX FFF4B6 
Dark Cream    HEX FFB4B5

Vinyl Font 

GAM730 Week 03:03 Webinar and Slack 101

Prior to the webinar I posted my App Jam Document 02 In slack. I added images from Film Noir and Neo Noir. David mentioned Sin City which I’d been trying to remember all day! We added a kind of blood element as jokingly we know Mike likes a bit of gore.

In the webinar it was mentioned that i’d appointed myself team leader which is amusing as I’m very much a team player. I think it’s the finance manager/studio manager coming out. I explained that in a commercial setting I work in the waterfall model and in my experimental work I work iteratively as in a spiral model methodology. We discussed this and I acknowledge that due to the process of product testing, the product will need to be constantly moving through iterative loops.

I am used to delivering a high quality product to a deadline and so I will need to keep reminding myself that this is a sprint not a final finishing line.

I explained that I had posted my concept on slack in the hope everyone will do the same so that we could put everything on the table and concept from there. I didn’t pitch my concept in the webinar as I prefer to discuss a direction as a group.

GAM730 Week 03:02 Team tools and organisation

My initial thoughts on how we could organise the group to effectively and simply communicate with each other, manage our time, document our progress, and share information over the next 10 weeks.

  • Central Project Management Board

Tool – Trello Board
Purpose – To document all scrum meetings
(Allow Dom to access)

  • Central App Production Document 

Tool – Google doc or joint blog
Purpose – To document changes over the production period
(Allow Dom to access)

  • Central Meet Up Point 
Tool – Slack 
Purpose – Short Meet up to talk face to face 
  • Central Message point 
Tool – Slack 
Purpose – regular chit chat and link sharing (nice documentation of the process

  • File Sharing 

Purpose – share central files like unreal, maya models, video editing, prototypes etc *


GAM730 Week 03:01 Remote project management : The Distributed Scrum Approach

Dream Team Inc
David, Zabit, Sarra, Mike. 

Pitch Video Due Date: 18th July 2019

Product Submission Due Date: 22nd August 2019


  • Not likely to have Face to Face meetings:
  • All UK Based: No Time Zone issues 
  • Video conferencing:  High (non verbal clues) & low (things said and written) 
  • Meetings mutually agreed: Time and Date
  • Clarity: Verbal (no ambiguity) – Check language (avoid misunderstanding)
  • Question everything: 
  • Embrace failure:  
  • Equal time to participate: Include everyone – A gatekeeper will help involve everyone.  
  • Use free tools: 
  • Check sound quality:  
  • Each speaker should identify themselves when they speak
  • Fill in profile with photo and basic info
  • Meetings should be around 30 minutes (45 with intro & prep)
  • Everyone should take ownership over the decisions. 
  • The team should have full access to all resources : The product backlog, user stories, spring backlog, tasks and estimates (only one person should be able to edit these documents)


  1. Discuss & Clarify acceptance conditions for high-priority user stories. 
  2. Provide a relative estimate of the size of the user stories to help the product owner identify their priorities and the backlog. 
  3. Break down high priority user stories into smaller ones that will fit into a sprint. 

SPRINT MEETING 01 (scrum master & Team)

  1. How much work can be done in the sprint. 
  2. Bring forward user stories off the backlog. 

SPRINT MEETING 02 (scrum master & Team)
  1. How will the work be done ? 
  2. Break the user stories into tasks. 
(Could be a single trello board – each team member has a card which details the following questions and documents the scrum – This is the bare minimum) 
  1. What did I do yesterday
  2. What am I going to do today? 
  3. Do I have any blockers?   
Documentation (As Above)
Liaison Approach (scrum master speaks with all members and informs each person in the team)  
Alternating Meeting Times (Mutually agree times) 
Share the Pain 
What times are best ?
What times are you willing to meet ?
What Times are off limits ? 
Slack can help with documenting the meetings
  1. Demo product.  
  2. All Team Attend and stakeholders. 
  3. Film Demos and presentations which show what work has been done.
  4. Make sure network is good quality. 
  5. Post mortem is about identifying improvements not blame. 
  6. All can be honest and open – Trust.    
  7. SMART goals. 
  8. We could try to get anonymous feedback by sending everyone a questionnaire via Survey Monkey.