GAM720 Week 12:04 Maya Poly Modelling Experiments

Unity offers limited primitives in the package and prefabs can be bought relatively cheaply, however if a specific aesthetic design or functionality is required in a project, being able to model efficiently and effectively in Maya is essential.

I am 3Ds Max trained but this has always mainly covered Box modelling for environments and props.  I had to go through several tutorial videos so that I could navigate Maya (and get a 3 button mouse :D) 
Poly Modelling Navigation 
Q – Select 
W – Move 
E – Rotate 
R – Scale 
A – Centre 
F – Close up
Box Modelling (FalmouthTutorial) 
Vertices Modelling 

Face Modelling 
Low Poly Models 
Material Maps (export to PNG) 
Material Mapping 
Ink on Watercolour Paper 
Photoshop PNG Editing

Mapping/Lighting Backface Glitch. 
Final Box 



Maya And Unity play nicely together. The user interface for Unity is pretty easy to navigate but Maya is more challenging. The software is a powerful image, animation and game production tool.

As one of my SMART Goals I intend to work on my portfolio and improve this skill. I did meet some difficulty exporting the model to Unity but I think this has more to do with my faithful old Mac, struggling a little so I need to invest in some hardware.

The ink model was a test to see how the ink aesthetic could look in Unity as I am think9ng about the papery-inky world in which my Fizhogg characters live.

For the Wheels app, I am aiming for a simple clean 1920’s graphic design with the use of papery materials. I do need to model several tents and may use the low poly aesthetic for this 

GAM720 Week 12:03 1st Person Control

I have tried to change the X, Y preferences on the project and object/environment orientation and I have compared settings from a simple 1st person player capsule set up and they are the same. The only fix I can think of trying is a complete rebuild using standard settings in a new project.

I tried installing a C#  1st person script on a camera and have set up several set cameras so that the project can be viewed in Unity. This is as far as I can get in this phase of development. I will rebuild the project, add animation and full interaction in the next stage of development.

Now I’m just going to work on finishing the set ready for this development.

GAM720 Week 12:01 Packaging the project

I have set up a github repository and shared the link to test that it works.

I have been unable to upload larger files to the repository and so i’m also looking for a fix for this issue.

With this in mind, I am intend to make use of my time to complete a rigged character in maya to see if I can export it to unity. As i’m unable to upload my current project to github I might as well try to improve it while I find a fix.

The other two things I need to do are the process video and reflective report. I’m going to spend tomorrow afternoon storyboarding the video and creating the first draft of my report.

This all needs to be submitted by Wednesday.