GAM720 Week 8:03 sound process

Dr Norah Lorway

Live Coding and Algoraves

BBC Radiophonics

Sonic Pi

Audio Logo and notification

Designing Sound Farnell, Andy (2008)


This week I considered how sounds can be created using code in app development and video games. 
My app requires more foley, natural rather than synthesised sound so I think I will come back to this at a later date. I’m currently collecting sounds that evoke a 1920’s gothic horror papery fairground kind of feel. 

GAM720 Week 8:01 Reflection and Review

Reflection and review is a necessary part of the agile process and this project has been set up to conduct a review at the end of each 3 week sprint.

It’s also important to be able to produce a detailed and effective reflective report which is an essential part of the assessment process. This process will also serve to improve my personal development and professional practice

I am currently reviewing a previous project which I have written reflections on most of the blog entries which has been a useful tool to jogging my memory about the process, it’s challenges and the things learned along the way.

I need to continue to do this for this project as it will help to write the report at the end of the Wheels project.

Wheels Sprint Review

I am using Trello more effectively to experiment with the course material while moving the wheels development forward. I am doing this by using the backlog to assign essential and non essential tasks. This has meant that the interactive novel development has been suspended in favour of visual development.

The visuals would be used later in the visual novel and could be imported into unity. I also wouldn’t need to worry about copyright as I could produce the images myself. I also could use the novel as an added interaction in the Wheels experience if time allowed or develop it later. The development of VR animated multipathway story is an essential aspect of my final project and so experimenting with the tools in this project would be very useful. I made a decision to work on the narrative later and try to make the unity reduction as effective tans possible.

Suspending development of the novel allowed for more time to be spent on the research and development of the wheel of fortune. This was because I had decided that the primary outcome of this project was the development of a vertical slice which illustrated how the wheel of fortune would work within the game play. As a novice in Unity development I knew that this would take longer to develop than I had. I think that this was a successful in manageing my time however now I’m revisiting narrative it leading me to think about how I place the game within the set of games within the Fizhog world.

Also, I was a little stuck as to how to integrate the fortune telling part of the game and I was thinking about using a set of physical cards to do this. When I discussed this in the webinar it was Paulo that suggested I use a wheel within the game to allocate a special skill and also maybe allow for a a game boss fight out. I really appreciated the feedback and I’m run with this idea. The cards that I’ve developed and printed off could be used as an aspect of the game.. maybe as a AR Animation which reveals an Easter egg or secret code. I have learned that sharing problems in a team, especially a team with many different talents and interests in game development as well as in life generally, as been a brilliant source of help.

I need to stop spending too much time developing visuals and conducting research in favour of game mechanics and coding. It could be that these are my comfortable zones but part of my thinks that seeing things coming together visually is really motivating for me. It drives me to see how these things will look when applied in the game. Working in a visual way is an embedded part of my creative process and I still need to adapt to include app development.

I need to continue to use the Trello backlog and share my challenges with my cohort sooner will help to manage the project more effectively and speed up the development process. This is essential to the role of creative Producer which is my career objective.