GAM 720 week 7:04 Constructing the fairground arena in unity

Aside from the wheel of fortune mechanic I am thinking about how to efficiently construct my game in maya and unity.

Unity provides limited primitives but it will I’ll have to make the fairground tents in maya and then export them to unity to make more complex models that use pyramids and cones.

I also have a problem connecting the wheels aesthetic to the wider world of the Fizhog game.

So far I have designed the fairground entrance which is a threshold between the live event design and the fairground game.

Event entrance 

Game Entrance 

Fizhogg World App Map 
Fizhogg World Illustration
Illustrated Hall Entrance

It was suggested that I counter impementnga drawn aesthetic i the fairground environment and that I could map the illustrated onto planes whin unity.

This could speed u development time.

It was ecommended that I look at the mobile game  Don’t Starve

GAM720 week 7:03 Sound Design

I am thinking about how, where and when I might be able to add sound effects both on screen and off screen (ambient) sound which could add to the game play experience.

As a paper horror fairground app there are a lot of options! 
This is the list so far which indcludes how I might be able to use the techniques of the folly artist to capture them. 
  • Wheel of fortune flapper sound – Paper card in the spokes of a bicycle wheel.
  • Walking on a paper ground – Stamping on a beanbag or through dry leaves. 
  • Twisted Fairground ambient music – Reversed Musical Box Sound 
  • Dizzying/Sickening effect when wheel of fortune spins -left/right shift and very low pitch
  • Swishing branches – woods recording 
  • Wind whistling – 5am hilltop recording 
  • Entrance opening – sound like a head being chopped off – maybe a reverse sound. 

GAM720 Week 7:02 Interactive Visual Novel Research and Development

I am working on developing my narrative into an interactive visual novel using artwork from the Wheels project.

This is a little out of synch with the coursework as I wante to create a 3D Game at the time and I didn’t have a fully formed a narrative.

I intended to submit a VR Animationin Google Spotlight Stories to Annecy as my Final project but received disappointing news yesterday when it was announced that google have pulled the plug on the project.

Google Spotlight Stories Shuts Down  – Cartoon Brew Article

With heavyweight animation studios such as Aardman experiment with these to it is surprising.

With Oculus Story Studio shutting down in May 2017

One has to wonder whether it’s losinng its shine but then Disney is still investing time and money in VR animation so maybe things aren’t so bad. available on oculus rift and steam.

It’s likely that Annecy will continue with the new VR Animation category and so we will just have to wait and see.

In the meantime I’m investigating different ways to produce a visual novel which will not only come in handy in my commercial practice but may help further develop Helix, my visual research diary app.

My tech is currently limited to iOS and having a 10 year old iMac could be problematic however, I do have a relatively new iPad Pro and phone etc so this will have to do.

I will keep the poly could down so it’s fortunet I want to create a low poly aesthetic in the faround arena.

Interactive Visual Novel Software

Interactive Visual Novel Engine
Ren’Py (Python Code) 

Interactive Visual Novel Engine


Creating a visual novel in Unity tutorial – GDG – IUPUI

Unity Asset Store
Fungus (Unity Asset Download) 

Ludum Dare Game Jam

Wheels narrative

Just over the hill, in a deep dark wood, shines a multitude of glowing lights which light the way to a tiny travelling fair.
Excitement is in the air, but as you stroll closer, the trees appear to bend toward you, like grasping hands they sway and swipe. The space around you  becomes so thick you begin to choke. Through the thick fog, sinister yet strangely enticing music hangs in the air.
You arrive at an entrance. It’s too late to turn back and even if you wanted to, you are magnetised by the vision unfolding around you.
You begin to wander in an almost hypnotic state. As you look at the strange cards surrounding the entrance, you are suddenly startled.
A voice echoes from behind you with a sound that makes the blood run cold in your veins, booms, “ENTER iF YOU DARE”!
Do you dare ?

I am working on a branding narrative at the moment and will post it shortly


I was thinking about producing a short visual novel as an experiment which could be developed as an added interaction in the Wheels Live event, installed on a seperate device. However, the more I explore how unity could be used to create a usual novel, the more I am thinking it could be part of the Wheels game itself.

This could also be used to link the different apps within the Fizhogg world.

GAM720 week 7:01 The Suspension of Disbelief Chapter 5 Literature Review

This literature Review has been posted on my research blog. I have placed it here so that I can conduct further research without interrupting my game development process (it will make my blog easier to read if I keep it separate) This doesn’t mean that practice and theory should be considered separate processes though as they are interconnected…

…practice feeds research and research feeds practice.

I intend to investigate the intersection between videogames theory and expanded animation practice a little further to see what it reveals…