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Sarra was born in Coventry, to her father, an engineer and musician; and her mother, a writer. She grew up on the outskirts of a small hosiery town where she spent her formative years playing in wild habitats, blackberry fields, cow ponds and brooks, near where she lived. Together with other local children; She had free access to the natural world.

In the early 1980’s, her father came home a ZX Spectrum tucked under his arm and together with her brother, they copied ‘basic’ from the pages of Spectrum magazine for many days, to watch a border flash and a ball bounced across the TV screen. Sarra also loved adventure games and fighting fantasy novels and so naturally became obsessed with The Hobbit adventure game. Borrowing Tolkien’s book from the local library, Sarra proceeded to draw maps and compile lists of action words to solve this epic adventure…but that’s another story.

Sarra’s brother went on to work with computers in the car industry and became involved in the local Demoscene. She, on the other hand, went back outside to play in nature, grow trees and make things.

When her children were small, she returned to Coventry university to study Illustration. First mastering illustration and later following her passion for animation.

On graduating, Sarra’s work was awarded D&AD New Blood Award for Film Craft : Animation. She went on to produce puppets, props and sets for the stop-motion animation industry where she worked as a freelance model maker and animator, working with some exceptionally talented people on projects that were awarded a British Animation Award and Golden Panda as well as receiving nominations for Annecy Animation Festival and BAFTA.

She has taught students in animation studies at a number of universities and in community settings as well as conducting practice-based research in immersive interaction. Some of these projects have been screened in London, U.K., The University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA, and Hangzou, China.

As technology continues to evolve at a dramatic rate, Sarra continues to invest in her own personal development. New personal projects include an immersive halloween themed adventure-puzzle game, a virtual gallery and an illustrated story world. These projects are being developed using Unity Game Engine using C# code, photoshop to edit game assets such as maps, skydomes, characters and props as well as using Blender to create digital models. Engaging in this activity continues to hone and develop her technical skills. 

Sarra has worked on projects for St Andrew’s Healthcare, Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust (NHFT) and Kettering General Hospital during the Covid-19 Pandemic. She is currently under contract with NHS Leicestershire partnership Trust where she produces technologically enhanced learning tools for healthcare and mental health training.

 Her project management, E-learning course development, video and animation production, illustration and technical know-how helped to support a wider team effort

Contact Sarra if you’d like to view protected content on either her Instructional Design or Commercial portfolios. 

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