3:01 Indie Games

I watched ‘Indie Games’, a couple of years back and it struck me that game making is fundamentally a case of sticking with it no matter what. Tenacity at its finest.


I would like to take a little time to list my favourite gaming apps

I am particularly interested in serious games, however my father is an engineer and I love solving problems.I enjoy adventure games, games in which I have to explore and solve puzzles.

I have always enjoyed mapping games and immersing myself in other worlds.. worlds constructed by other creatives.

Lumino City
Monkey Island
The Hobbit
Manic Miner
Chuckie Egg
Sonic the Hedgehog
Any Pinball game
Crash Bandicoot
Grim Fandango
Day of the Tentacle
The Dig

To name a few…

Lumino City by state of play games is particularly beautiful and the models from the production are stunning.

These images are copyright Lumino City. Please visit the website for further information. 

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